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Reoccurring Pain weeks after surgery

hi, I'm on Wk 6 of lumbar laminectomy surgery for L5-S1 bulging herniated disc. I was doing really well with minimal pain the past 2wks. I've been very careful to not BLT. I am now bed ridden again as if I'm week 1 out of surgery. I don't know why I'm back to being so uncomfortable when I was doing so good. Has anyone else had this happen? Any idea what caused it? Did you get better? I don't recall doing anything to reinjure myself and I'm really frustrated. 



  • I know how you feel...I'm 4wks post-op and like you I was doing very well. Even when I was in the hospital the first 3 days I was off morphine except at night on day 2. Since this past Sunday my incision has begun to leak and the muscles feel like I'm back to the first or second week.  I don't recall doing anything I shouldn't have except that I was sitting for quite a while on Sunday. 

    Who knows...

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