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8 months post op a 5 level lumbar fusion.  Still having muscular and nerve pain.  All is fine per MD.  Could take up to 2 years for pain to go away if it will, he says.  I am on a fentanyl patch and it isn't helping any more.  Has anyone gotten off fentanyl and found something else that helps.??.



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    I was on fentanyl patches for years as well as hydrocodone. And I was still in pain.When I started seeing a new PM doctor the first thing he did was take a swab in my mouth and ran a Personalized Gene Therapy Drug Test which shows if any of your meds are working or not working. It also gives the doctor a recommendation of what would work best.

  • @Dawn G I was on Fentanyl patches for years as well. I switched to OxyContin with no issues. OxyContin seems to help well. You have other options. Just talk to your doctor about it. They should be able to calculate a switch to another drug, without tapering you off the Fentanyl. Good luck and keep us posted! 

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  • Thanks so muchJillybean.  I will try to go for the OxyContin, but he doesn't want me on anything, especially narcs.   Here's hoping.

  • @Dawn G keep us updated on your next appointment! Good luck!

  • I just got off of Fentanyl patches.  I have been struggling for years looking for anything that worked.  I have spinal stenosis, it ruined my life, an I am just trying to find a way I can live with it, without so much pain.

    I have, like most of you, tried everything in the book.  The best thing I have found is the relatively new drug called Zohydro.  It is a time-released Hydrocodone.  It is the single best thing that has ever really worked, however, the cost for me was prohibitive.  I currently take Ascomp/Codeine...and a short acting Oxycodone so far it is the closest I have come to the Zohydro  Hope this info helps someone.

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  • I went through the wringer trying to get Zohydro, AFAIK, there is no generic for it and my health care provider wouldn't authorize it. I feel it may have been the best thing for me. They gave me some 5mg OxyContin to take on top of my Percocets and it was like taking Pez... and $75 for 60 pills a month. My Percocets are $7 a month for 120.

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