Failed Nevro Spinal Cord Stimulator Implant

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Well folks, after one yr waiting for the new device, which can be left on during driving, sleeping, and no tingling sensations, guess I am one of the 20 percenters that this Nevro Senza H-10 device doesn't work for....80 percent success rate..??

My original surgeon told me he had a 98 percent rate on his 4 lumbar fusions- however, comma pause...My leg nerves were damaged, I developed a bi lateral sicactia, and my knees are issue from him, his 2 rods and 10 screws were tight. It was a successful surgery in his eyes.

He wasn't trying to walk in my shoes, surgery date 6/22/15, and still trying to work my sedamentry job...but I can't sit or stand for any long period of time, can't get my PCP, PMS or latest Nero surgeon to refer me for a FCE...

What a catch 22.. I useed  up all  my vacation and now 120 hrs in the negative for sick leave from this implant recovery time. 

Will trying another PCP doctor to provide a referral..

Then try to go on S/T diabilty thru my employer.

Seems like each doctor passes the hot potato back to another about frustration.

So, if you are out there thinking about these new FDA approved device...buyer beware. 

Been thru all 3 programs of the device, NO JOY.

Anyone out there with similar results from your SCS?

Original fusion was on L3-L5, and S1. 

What say you?

Thank you for reading..




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    hi inpainstill

    Welcome to Veritas Health Forum

    i'm so sorry you are going through this. but i understand, i had the same thing happen.
    a few years ago i went through the scs trial, didn't help, but we were desperate so went for the implant. shortly after i had it removed. i had so much permanent nerve damage it would not do anything for me. 
    but my problem was not just nerves, i had 4 bulging disc, 2 broken vertebra, scoliosis and a lot more gong on. i found a new pm doctor and went for the pain pump. i'm out of some of the pain but it doesn't touch the nerve pain.
    i know how frustrating this is but you have to keep trying to find a doctor that will listen to you.
    good luck and keep us posted.

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    welcome to spine health

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  • My pain management doctor is behaving like you said your doctor behaved. They are telling me this Nevro H-10 is essentially better than breathing and this is making me very leery. All I can think of are my orthopedic surgeons telling me how GREAT I would be after all of my failed fusions, L4-S1. After each surgery these surgeons ran me off like I had Malaria. They were my best friends beforehand. This left me with a harsh taste of money being the first and only priority for these doctors.

    After reading around on the internet I've seen many posts by patients that this has done little for. I now have pain all over my body, akin to Fibro, and I just know this isn't going to solve what is going on with me, bilateral leg pain and needing fusions now above the other fusions. Yet this device is ALL my doctor talks about... like he's struck gold.

    Nothing has worked to stop my pain for 10 years and I've run the gambit. My doctor also tried to intimidate me, by using words like red-flagged and audited, when referring to the government coming down on me for the pain medicine I take. He also actually put the weight of his practice on my shoulders for taking the medicine he gives me. He told me they could come shut down his practice. All of this together added up to me wanting nothing to do with this Nevro deal.

    Thank you for writing about your experience with it.


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  • memerainboltmemerainbolt IndianaPosts: 3,406
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    But what are you going to do now?

    Good luck , I know you are in pain and I understand. You mentioned Fibro like pain, that's something I've dealt with for over 20 yrs., Fibro. Keep us posted.

  • memerainbolt... What I would like to do first is get my Primary doctor to refer me to a Rheumatologist. My pain used to be just concentrated from my mid back down due to the failed fusions and serious nerve damage. Since then my pain has spread to every inch of my body... to the slightest touch... and it's taking a heavy toll.  I saw a study recently that found failed back surgeries lead to Fibro. to the tune of something like 40%. I hurt everywhere. Therefore I'm just now researching Fibromyalgia... but there is little information explaining the link with lower back fusions and bilateral pain in the legs/feet being the cause.

    My pain management doc is trying to link this full body pain to the opiates I take but I did not tell them that I'm taking much less than they think I am. I may take 1.5 a day. I'm a large man and I doubt it's having that effect on me. Yet I want to get an expert opinion.. rather than a guess by a PMD.

    My problem with the Nevro, outside of the doctor's games, is that I am very leery of having more things put into my body. I have tried everything pain management has to offer and nothing has worked... so I'm scared of something permanent when there is such high pressure from the doctor to have it done. I'd rather feel like I'm making the decision at some level.

    Thanks for listening,


  • mlsmmls MarylandPosts: 81

    Yes, it's incredibly frustrating to be in pain and not be able to find a way out. And yes, traumas such as surgery can trigger other things like fibro or in my case myofascial pain syndrome. I didn't know this going into surgery, but found out the hard way after.

    After trying all the drugs, shots, and traditional PT my docs prescribed, I finally found lasting relief through specialized whole-body bodywork. If you're interested in more details, see my website that describes my journey.

    Good luck to you!

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  • Thanks mls. I have degenerating disks protruding the three disks above my fusion, to where I'm barely able to stand for more than a minute, so I don't see a whole-body workout in my near future.. but I appreciate it. I will look up myofascial pain syndrome. I also have spondylitis that runs in my family. Thanks for the good information. 

  • mlsmmls MarylandPosts: 81

    Good luck! By the way, it wasn't a whole body "workout" that helped me. It was whole body myofascial release, kinda like massage (/bodywork) that doesn't focus only on the pained areas (in my case,  neck and upper back). 

    My fusion surgery triggered chronic tension and spasms in my muscles and surrounding fascia that caused me debilitating pain (myofascial pain)  that finally was reduced via whole-body based MFR. The whole body approach was important because the fascia is all connected throughout the body like a web around all the muscles, and it helped release the tightness in my neck and back. It may not be what will help your situation, but just in case, thought I'd share.

    Take care!

  • I was thinking about massage but didn't it hurt horribly for others to press on you? I have pins and needles and what seems like very sensitive nerves that causes me to stiffen up when I'm even grazed. Then again maybe mine has more to do with nerves and less with muscles... I don't know. There are times when I can touch my forearm and I feel the pain all the way to my lower back. These are the answers I want to get from someone. I hope it's a Rheumatologist because I'm running out of specialists.

    I read today a study saying that Fibro. could be the cause of degenerative disks. I've always thought of it the other way around. It was saying that the muscles break down and don't support the spine anymore as should be. It was 10 years ago when my spine began to go haywire and honestly I cannot recall if this pain all over began before or after my first fusion because I was in such pain already.

    It's great that you found this treatment that has helped you. I'm looking into different treatments that I can do around the house. Thanks for the information.

  • mlsmmls MarylandPosts: 81

    The massage-like bodywork that I get is generally gentle, but when they slowly work on certain trigger points for me, it can get pretty intense, but honestly, that's when some of the deep healing work happens. 

    But it sounds like you're more generally sensitized to touch. I have chronic myofascial pain which, in my experience is related to trigger points and referred pain, as opposed to say fibro which, as I understand it, is more about tender points, overall pain, achiness, and sensitivity to touch. But I do know people who have gotten relief from fibro through MFR bodywork, as long as they have a skilled practitioner who knows to be very gentle. 

    Also, Some people just get above-the-body energy work done. For my myofascial pain, however, the hands-on work did the most for me.

    As for different treatments around the house, I've done myofascial stretching (there are books out there that describe it), but honestly, it was the hands-on bodywork that helped my brain get out of the stuck pain patterns it was in, and then reading more about how the mindbody connection affects chronic pain continued to help me. 

    On my website under the Resources page, I list books and websites that have helped me in my journey. Reading is something you can do at home, and can actually make a difference. Our brains are neuroplastic and  through understanding how they can get stuck in perpetuating chronic pain, we can actually start to (or completely) reverse the chronic pain patterns. Sounded wacky to me at first, but I've seen it work for me and many others, too. 

    Again, good luck! We all feel your pain and frustration.

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