Thigh pain on right leg

I have been having on and off right thigh pains , I have researched it and found somethings but I have non of the other symptoms! Please help! I have no clue what's wrong with my leg, It comes out of no where and I can barely walk on it due to pain , I'm constantly having pain killers to try and remove the pain when it's there , helps for a few hours , but then it either continues or it's gone. I have had this pain for around a week! It started when I was outside exercising , but it still happens whilst not exercising , I don't know if I pulled a muscle but the pain is sharp and 



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    since we are not capable or able to make a diagnosis, you should call your doctor. it could be a number of things and his opinion is one you need.

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    I have the same symptoms in my thigh. It's a sharp stabbing pain. Best of luck! 

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