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hello. my name is Daniel and I'm 20 years old from Costa Rica, when I was 13 years old I was diagnosed with Guillain barre syndrome which affects the nerves connected the muscles. The syndrome didn't hit me that hard cause only my feet got paralyzed as far as I can remember while there are some people whose whole body is paralyzed when having the same syndrome. the problem came afterwards, for some reason my calves muscles and forearms muscles wasted A LOT. those muscles are severely atrophied and my calves and forearms look similar to  a 8 year old thin kid, no kidding. While I'm actually in my proper weight, I had to cope with all the teases in high school because of the legs and that stuff.. I have done a lot to change that, gym, special exercises, physical therapy etc however I have seen no result and I'm starting to think I'll have to deal with it for the rest of my life, I guess there's nerve damage which doesn't allow the muscle to get the proper mass. is there anything else to do at least for the calves issue? surgery, etc? thanks to everyone.




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    @elpollo92 you're story brought tears to my eyes. you are such an inspiration to us all. i couldn't imagine what you've been through growing up. kids can be so mean. they have no idea what you've been through. i hope we can offer some support for you here. 

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     are you on any medications for the nerve pain? gabapentin or lyrica? 

    honestly, this might fall into more of a cosmetic surgery option. have you researched anything? i know they can do calf implants. honestly you might be able to get this covered by insurance because it is due to a medical condition. i'm not saying cosmetic surgery is the way to go, but you might want to research it to give you some options. i hate that you would have to go through something so young, but i can definitely understand the reason. 

    keep your head up! maybe some other members can give some more ideas...

  • @Jillybean079 hi thank u for the reply. I don't have any pain at all, just some subtle weakness in my muscles but I don't mind that, it's just the volume/mass that my forearms & wrist and calves lost which are devastating to me since they look just weird and awful compared to my body's proportion. I was thinking on calf implants however   I would like to avoid surgery at all costs and that's why I'm writing here to see if anyone has some kind of idea. 


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  • Yes I understand wanting to avoid surgery @elpollo92. I'm sure others will respond soon. We do have members that lift weights, so many they can chime in and give you some options. 

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