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Chronic spinal stenosis pain -- Should I drive or take train for 2-3 hour ride?

I have chronic pain from spinal stenosis (lumbar) in my back, hips, calves, feet, and booty. A friend invited me to a vacation house about 3 hours a way by train or car. I desperately want to lay on the beach for a few days. I was thinking of taking the train which is direct (will take taxi to and from station), but thinking about carrying my overnight bag even a few yards seems exhausting. Yet, if I drive, that will exacerbate the pain, especially in my right leg from using the pedals, etc. I haven't driven long distances in about a year. But it seems like I would have more control of my journey if I drove. And I can stop along the way to stretch. Any advice? (This sounds like an SAT question - if the train is going 75 miles an hour, how much pain will the stenosis patient experience?).



  • memerainboltmemerainbolt IndianaPosts: 6,480

    I would take a train over driving anytime. You can get up and move around without having to stop and get in and out of the car.
    And they load your bags!! At least the one I rode on did. Which train are you taking?
    We rode on Amtrak from Memphis to New Orleans and decided we would never drive again. I was so comfortable.

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  • I would be taking an Amtrak from Connecticut to Rhode Island. I would treat myself to a "business class" ticket. It is probably a better idea than driving. And I do have a rolling suitcase I could use. Thanks for the advice!

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  • contact Amtrack they may be able to assist you with boarding worth the call.  I take it your friend will meet you at the other end.

  • dilauroddilauro ConnecticutPosts: 12,609

    Ditto everyone's opinion.   Take the Train!

    Curious where about would you be leaving CT and your destination in RI.   Three hours almost sounds like the Fairfield county area of CT to Westerly/Watch Hill in RI.

    Nice thing about a train, is that you should be able to get up and walk around.   Though, for a short train ride, I dont know what kind of cars there would be and if you could get up and walk around.

    My overall body condition is not the greatest (look at my medical history), but I will say that short car rides (1 to 6 hours) are very doable, as long as I take frequent stops, to stretch and move around.

    We just came back from a trip from Danbury, CT to Brighton, MI.  One night stay over before reaching MI.   But along the way, we would stop about every 75 minutes or so, in order for me to get out, walk around and stretch.  One habit I picked up .  As we stopped at a rest area.  Everyone would go inside, while I walked to the end of the rest area and then they picked me up

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