Something is wrong & I'm getting worried

I need opinions please!!

Over a month now, My back has been absolutely killing me in the absolute weirdest/most uncomfortable feelings of pain I've experienced in my life! I cant pop my back/neck at all and if it makes any sense it's making me feel trapped. My spine kinda feels as if it's filled with fluids & is going shatter if I move to quickly. Also...every muscle/tendon in my entire back feels like they're tearing apart 24/7. 

Every morning when I wake up, I LITERALLY CAN NOT move without the feeling that my back/neck is broke for about 20-45 mins or so. Nothing relieves this CONSTANT pain...stretching the muscles lightens it....but only while I'm stretching. A new added pain has started today too. Every time I stretch or try popping my back I get an almost sharp pain in in my chest area.

I'm so freaking confused and at a total loss to what is going on with my body! 

I did injure my lower back at work in 2015. Was receiving epidural spinal injections regularly & 2-4 days per week I did physical therapy. I'm not sure if this situation is related though. I dont recall doing anything too out of the ordinary for this pain to start...but I figure that I must have done something for this to be happening.




  • Hello Niki

    First things first, have you seen your primary care provider-s? First

    No one here is qualified to diagnose any medical conditions..any advice is from personal experience only and doesnt take the place of a professionals services.

    Its horrid to wake up like that! I hope that answers are found out,soon!

  • Niki1278Niki1278 Posts: 1
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    Hi, thanks for replying! 

    And yes, I understand it's strickly personal experiences and opinions only. I do not have a PCP as of yet due to the fact that I've been contacting them for 6 months to place a doctor in my city as my pcp cause I absolutely do not like the one they randomly gave me ( Molina medical card unfortunately ) but I have been to the emergency room and I explained just as I did here. They seriously told me that my muscles were only a little swollen and perscribed me tramedol(junk), steroids & ibprophen....which without insurance would have been almost 150$ even for the cheapest brands....I KNOW FOR SURE ITS NOT ONLY SWOLLEN MUSCLES

    I said I need an MRI but the ER won't give me one and I can't just walk in somewhere and ask for an MRI...I have to get an order from a doctor but a doctor won't give me an order. It's a vicious painful circle! 

    I just want to get some clues to what is wrong cause every time I try to search my symptoms I get a million different deadly diseases an off the wall ones too. I'm out of options ATM!

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  • LizLiz Posts: 2,261
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    as william stated there are no medical professionals on this forum side of the site. therefore, no one is capable or permitted to provide any type of medical advice.

    a medical professional is the only one that can advise you.

    please click on the link for useful information Welcome to Veritas Health Forum

    the main site has all the formal medical articles and videos for you to research on.
  • Ok, I'm not asking for actual medical advice I just want to know if anyone has heard of said symptoms before..............then as my current situation stated above....

    Has anybody else experienced similar symptoms?? 

  • mlavellemlavelle Teaneck NjPosts: 40

    Hi Nikki,

    I have not had these exact symptoms, however, I have had lots of weird back stuff. In my experience, the ER doctor gave you a standard protocol for acute back problems. The steroids especially helped me with inflammation which helped calm everything down.  I needed 2 courses of steroids to get out of the searing pain stage. Muscle relaxers also helped at this point to get out of the pain cycle.  As my body healed, I began stretching and strengthening back muscles. I am just sharing my experience. I know this is scary--I was very scared.  Finding a spine specialist I trusted was very, very important.  

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  • Jillybean079Jillybean079 Posts: 392
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    @Niki1278 my best advice is to stay off of the internet. I am a firm believer in researching as much as you can, after you have a diagnosis or treatment plan set. That being said, researching symptoms at this point is probably going to cause more anexiety. 

    That bring said, the ER usually does not do MRI's unless you present with an emergent case. They gave you the standard of care for what you presented for. 

    Can you go see the doctor who originally was treating you? I'm assuming it was a pain management doctor if you were receiving injections? Who did your original testing? I would start with that doctor. Unless you moved or something, in that case I would call that doctor and get a referral to a spine specialist who will probably order a MRI. Did you have a MRI in 2015? I think the original doctor that started your treatment would be a good start. Why did you stop the injections? Did your symptoms get better? 

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