Hi everyone,

I would like some advice on the condition that i currently experience post op, as it really deppresed me,

Im 27 y.o and already on 4 weeks post microD L4-5 surgery, and currently i have a back pain after 2 weeks post op, i suspected because i've been overworked myself on week 3 after the surgery, i moved a lot and even travels, at the end of week 3, my back was so much in pain and i cant even stand or sit for 2 mins as the pain will be increased dramatically, i talked to my surgeon and he said it might be the pain caused by my muscle wound from the op, so he gave me painkillers, and muscle relaxants, but it didnt go well with the pain, its been more than a week now and the pain arent getting any better.

Im wondering if there's any similar experience and how long does it take to recover from the back pain ?





  • Welcome in Ed

    Please use the link below for more info inside Spine-Health.

    Hang in there. Depression can be insidious and hinder in healing.Have you had any new visits with your primary care..or,sought anothor opinion?

  • Hi Ed

    I can't advice but here is my story so far ..

    I had a similar surgery and a week pain free post op.  I don't know if I overdid it or it would have happened anyway, but pain returned and got steadily worse.  I was so used to pain and I so did not want another op, I convinced myself it was muscular, took painkillers, even went back to work 4 week post op. Every time I rang a professional I was told it was normal, within the 6 week recovery period and just to wait.  I waited and asked for more! I had an MRI at 6 weeks which was agony , just to lie on my back - they offered me emergency surgery 4 days later. I had another prolapse. This time the surgery was longer, they took more of the prolapsed disc out, plus I suffered a small tear and lost some spinal fluid. This meant 2 days back rest which was hell. I'm now 2 weeks post second op and determined to take my time and heal slowly and steadily, There is no quick fix! Its about time, hope, patience and endurance. I am not putting any pressure on myself to get back to work until September at least. I am self employed and not entitled to benefits , but I have had to learn and continue to learn the hard way that pushing through pain is not always the answer.... 

    I am more then twice your age so I can only imagine the frustration this enforced immobility might bring you.  But I do believe that if I had learned more sooner about listening to my body and putting its needs first I would not be in this mess now. The hope, patience and endurance you learn now, could stand you in good stead for the rest of you life

    all very best wishes .....

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  • Hi guys,

    Thanks for the story and encouragements! Really appreciate it.

    There are some update on my 2nd MRI result, it seems like my L4-5 are bulging again, and the radiologist havent decided that its a recurrent or just inflammation caused by the tissue,

    And my surgeon told me to relax that its nothing serious and it doesnt seems like a recurrent, so he told me to do some minimum PT so that my back muscles got strengthened.

    Hopefully its not a recurrent and i dont have to go for 2nd surgery.

  • Hi Ed

    That sounds really hopefull.  On my 2nd MRI the bulge was very obviously impinging the nerve again, hence the emergency surgery. Its a good sign that yours is not so obvious and may still respond to non-invasive treatment. I do hope you can get back in shape soon.  All about finding that elusive balance between rest and exercise I guess ....

    thanks for the update and very best of luck!

  • Hey buddy I had L4 L5 s1 S3 fusion that failed and I went back a second time and they opened me up to clean inside after all that  months later they did an x-ray and  Some of the screws were  bent  but not broke and I am still in a lot of pain and the ame qme  doctors diagnosed me with failed back syndrome which is a failed back surgery I have never fully recovered I am in a lot of pain all the way through my legs to my feet and depression anxiety have hit me hard I've been dealing with all this for 8 yrs now so hang in there n have a lot of family support cause some days are worst then others.. good luck...

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  • Hi there.

    I hope that by now you are much better. It sounds like you may have over done it. No one wants to hear that I know, I am 12 days post op dealing with L4L5 XLIF fusion and feeling horrible leg pain on my operative side.

    Today my doc told me it would be 6 weeks before I began to feel better.  Just try to really take it easy, I pray for you and that you don't get depressed. Try walks in increments or as tolerated. Do you have a cane? I am using one and it does help. I also use heat on my operative leg for comfort. Try to stay occupied; Netflix or Hulu series, YouTube, reading. Talks walks as you can. Communicate with your doctor and demand answer. All the best to you!

    Jennifer in Alabama 

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