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I am new here. I have a Boston Scientific spinal cord stimulator perm implanted in October 2009 for RSD (Reflex sympathetic dystrophy) or CRPS in my left hand. The trial went great and the permanent placement gave me back the use of my left hand which was awesome. Was in a car accident which damaged the leads in April 2015 and then the battery started sticking thru my skin and causing pain and discomfort as it had moved from where it was originally placed so I scheduled to have the battery removed and since I no longer needed to use the stimulator and could not use it, it was removed as well on July 13th 2017 and today July 18, 2017 just 5 days later and the pain from the removal of the spinal leads is very extreme and the left side of my back is numb. I don't know if I want to cry or scream. Anybody else had theirs removed? I had open heart surgery in Sept 2014 and I have fibromyalagia. The cut in my chest didn't hurt as bad as this. I took little to no meds after open heart surgery but I am taking Percocets every 4 hours just to get  a little relief. I don't like taking narcotics but I just need relief. 



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    I had a SCS placed in 2011 for Chronic pain, failed back surgery Syndrome.  I came home for the hospital and vomited for hours.  I told the anesthesiologist and the tech, that when it is turned on high I get ill.   Yet they did not medicate me for the N£V.  The wires actually moved out of place that night...........  I struggled with it not working and sever pain when it did.   The doc told me not to use the one side that hurt......  but I got worse.  The tech finally told the doc to check lead placement, and the wires HAD moved.  At that point my legs were so weak I could not hold up my weight.......   I had the SCS removed 45 days after insertion.   I have had all kinds of nerve issues and pain that were never there before.......  and still remain to this day...........  just think, the nerves and muscles in back and your spinal column being electrocuted!!!,..........  but for some people it works great....    bad luck for me I guess, just my story.

  • If the car accident caused the implant to start causing pain from the edges protruding why did you not replace the implant and location?  Rather than remove it...i.e. relocate to the other side of your body?  From what you say the SCS was working prior to your car accident.

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  • Judene that was not an option. It was get it removed or moved back to where it,was before but with the stimulator damaged and no doctors replacing or doing cervical spinal cord placements anymore, it was no use for the battery. 

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