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I've been prescribed and taking 4 Percocet 10 for 3 years.. I've asked my DR for something that lasted longer and he prescribed me Ms continue 15 and 2 Percocet.. the math we're making me sick. So I went back on just Percocet.. what should I ask for that won't make me sick. And that will make the 12 HR shift tolerable. 



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    Hello BikerMom

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    Theres a link below that will give you more info about Spine-Health.

    Thats one long shift to have to put up with pain!

  • Bikermom,

    If a medication isn't working, or you are having issues, you are supposed to notify your doctor and ask them what to do. We aren't supposed to make any changes to our dosages, or amounts without clearing it with them first, so if I were you, I would contact the Dr right away.

    Going back to the previous med alone or dosage without clearing it with your doctor first, can get you in trouble, so it is important that you keep that in mind so you can avoid common mistakes that often wind up with people getting dismissed.

    As far as what other extended relief med options there may be, your doctor will likely suggest another med if the ms contin continues to make you sick. I get sick too if I take morphine, hives, incredible itchiness so it's not a good choice for me.

    Good luck

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