Failed Lumbar Surgeries and Fibro....

In 2008 I had a couple of failed back surgeries, L4-S1, and since then I have lived in agony from the mid-back down. Yes... the disks above the fusion are Recently I saw a study tying failed back surgery patients to Fibro. I can't recall the percentage of patients who end up with Fibro but I think it was around 40. For the longest time I've had pain everywhere over my body. Pain to the slightest of touch. Have any of you had experiences with this or heard of others who have? My doctors want to blame the high dosage of Methadone that I am on but they don't know that I've weaned myself down to 2 or less a day and the pain is worse. So I thought I would try and find others who may have experience with this. At this moment I only go to the pain management doctor and I don't get very far with him. Should I try to go see a Rheumatologist even if I read where there are no real tests for Fibro?





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  • Thank you William. I wasn't sure whether to post this here or under Chronic Pain or the other topics I related to.

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  • How are things?

  • I updated my profile with all my problems that happened. Check it out - all true no bs.

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