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I am a 40 year old police officer who fell on a wet porch ramp while working 7 months ago. I have already had one cervical spinal injection and two lower lumber injections. I fell as if I have been run over by a semi truck then beat for a whole day with a bat. No matter what I can't get rid of the pain and it has actually caused some bladder issues which not one doctor I have seen can figure out that issue. One doctor says I might have Fibromyalgia which could had shown up after the fall. I know I have about 7 moderately bulged disk but have been told nothing to cause this pain all over. It has gotten to the point of giving up cause nothing I do stops the pain. Has anyone else heard about being diagnosed with Fibromyalgia after a traumatic injury or fell and still have pain after several months. Thanks for any and all information of help.



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    one thing i would like to know is did you have the bulging disc problems before or after the fall?
    i have had fibromyalgia for over 20 yrs. so maybe i can give you some insight there.

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    I do not have fibromyalgia, but I developed  chronic myofascial pain after rupturing a disc in my neck and having surgery. And yes traumatic events such as a fall or surgery or many other things can trigger chronic pain. It happened to me, and now I know many others in similar situations. And I have read scientific studies that support this. (See the "Trauma and Chronic Pain" and the "Resources" pages of my website for information on trauma and pain. The URL is in my signature line.) 

    After my surgery, when my pain continued, I searched for many years to figure out how to bring down my pain. Once I was sure there wasn't anything else that the doctors could find that might be causing my pain, and after I did everything the doctors suggested, I then had to keep searching on my own. 

    At first trigger point injections helped somewhat, but they didn't last. It was getting specialized myofascial release therapy (bodywork by trained physical therapists) and, what took me a while to come to terms with, learning about the mindbody connection that finally helped me dramatically decrease my pain. 

    If you're interested in my story, I describe more in my website. Note of course that I am not a doctor and cannot diagnose you, but can only tell you about my story in the hopes that something from my experience can help you find a path to pain relief. Good luck!

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