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Partial fusion

hi all. I posted an update a while back. I'm 13 months post op from PLF of L4-5 and revision of L5-S1. The upper level is fused,  but the lower level is not. The surgeon said I have a good amount of bone growth around the cage in the middle, but not on the sides. I am wearing a bone growth stimulator 2 hrs/day, and will get more imaging in a few months. Has anyone had a partial fusion like this? The surgeon said if the sides never fuse, it isn't a big deal. I sought another opinion, and he said if no more bone growth - I'd be looking at a 3rd fusion. My pain is still horrible. Do they always do a revision if you don't fully fuse? Those who have had revisions, how long post op did you have it? If I need another surgery, I'd rather get it sooner than later. I'm wondering if anyone has thoughts or experience on likelihood of more bone growth after 1 year. Thanks!! 



  • SukhreSSukhre San Diego, CAPosts: 85

    I did not have a cage. So I would not know. I thought flexion extension xrays can tell whether the graft is moving or not. If there is pain and there is always the question whether its coming from the non-union.

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