Left Leg Pain Post Op XLIF

Hello, I'm a new member, 46 year old female and 12 days post op Left Hip (XLIF) complete removal of disc with instrumentation and fusion at L4L5. 

I really did well and came home 24 hours post op. Within a few days I began noticing a "full" feeling and throbbing pain in my left hamstring (thigh) posteriorly, the operative leg where XLIF was performed thru my left hip. The pain happens when I go from sitting to standing position. Within 30-60 seconds the most excruciatingly painful feeling begins and feels like something is going to burst in my leg (Referenced above) This pain feels almost vascular like blood pooling, then travels down behind my kneecap and then back around to the anterior part of my effected ankle and foot. This has gone on for 4 days now.

I saw my doctor today, the spine surgeon who performed my surgery seemed to shrug it off, offering little explanation why or how this pain was occurring, what it could be, only saying "you are still early in the game, less than two weeks post op, and it will get better" so he seems to think I am right on track. 

At moments this pain that does come and go,

Continues as long as I am on my feet. And it is by far worse than the pain preoperatively. I had some mild pain in both legs prior to my XLIF, with ruptured disc and a collapsed vertebrae.  So this is something new.

I am currently under pain management and they have prepared me well before surgery, offering any extra meds as this is my first spinalsurgery. Currently on Percocet 15 MG immediate release, OxyContin 20. 

I will say I didn't take my Oxy 20 because dates

Crossed and I was out from previous month maintained meds. As soon as I got Oxy on board and then Percocet 15 on board for break thru pain, my leg pain was so much more manageable. 

My question is who else has experienced this awful pain in legs post back surgery or spinal fusion /XLIF. What is causing this and if there is hope this will go away as quickly as it appeared? Any advice is greatly appreciated.

Thank you so much. 

Be well- 

Jennifer in AL



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  • Thank you so much. 

    Day 15, my leg pain is subsiding. My surgeon told me same, give it time, you had a big surgery,  allow time to heal. But I just wasn't expecting this bad pain in my leg. My hip, yes, but not my leg. Today I have spurts of pain in my leg and down to my toes. Again I will heed your advice.

    Thanks again.

    Jennifer in AL 

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