.hronis Fibromyalgia Pain and Neuropathy

i am 65 yrs old.  Diagnosed 25 yrs ago with Chronic Fibromyalgia and Rheumatoid/Osteo Arthritis.  Pain Clinic put me on Oxycontine and Percocet for pain and Celexa.  It worked.  I could do daily things I had to do.  Look after my family.  Pain was controlled.   Sure I had bad days but they were manageable.  Then my husband, the love of my life, married for 35 years, passed away in 2015.  My pain increased and so did the depression that comes with the Chronic Paiin and now Grief.   Stayed on same dosage - never increased - and got thru it all and back on my feet in late 2016.    Just staring to enjoy some things in life again.  Now with the Opeoid crisis happening, my doc stopped writing meds and left clinic.  Left me cold.   I found a new doctor and he took me off Oxy & Perc & Celexa.  Everything just gone - in 1 Day.    I was by myself now. Thought I was going to die!  Withdrawals were unbelievable!  Pain was horrendous. Scared out of my mind with all the Pain!!!    Well...That was 5 months ago and an experience I never want to repeat.  So now Opeoid free (Yeah!) lol!  and in lots of pain.  Make sense?  No!  Got new doctor.    Was on  Cymbalta for 3 months - did nothing.  Now on high doses of Gabopentin for Neuropathy, in hands and feet, diagnosed 3 mos  ago and also on Lyrica.   Lyrica does help but still have bouts of mega pain lasting for hours. Last week diagnosed with Degenerative Disc Disease.  Holy Cow - Feel like I'm falling apart.   I HAVE PAIN IN PLACES I NEVER KNEW WERE THERE!   My  body is one now big toothache!  Until 5 mos ago I used to walk 2 miles a day with my dog and go out with my friends.  Now - I can barely walk my dog around the block and I see no absolutely no one.  Plus I've gained weight from the Lyrica.  My doc suggested CBD oil so I signed up and got it.  Not!  Increased dose as doctor from MJ clinic told me to and got high as a kite - which is what I didn't want- but Pain was numb, I gotta say.  So was my brain!  So...I stopped.  No more of that.  Besides me taking the oil seems to be a big problem with my  30 yr old kids.    5 months of this pain I've been having.   Need some help please...Emotionally -  I really think I'm doing ok but I truly need to find solution for this pain!  Any advice on what meds do work? 



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    I'm sorry I can't really suggest what meds might work because I never could find ones that worked for me. At different times, I tried oxycodone, Flexeril, neurontin, Cymbalta, Savella, and steroid shots. Some provided a little relief, but were never worth it to take long term because of side effects or just not really helping enough. So I kept searching because I had to get out of the horrible pain I was in for 2 years.

    I describe all the things I've tried over the years in my website (url in signature line) if you're interested. To summarize, I had neck surgery in 2005 for a ruptured disc (and associated loss of neurological function of my arm) and developed chronic myofascial pain after the surgery. Since I don't specifically have fibro or rheumatoid arthritis, I can't say what might work for you, but I can only suggest that you keep looking.

    After I tried everything my neurosurgeon, orthopedic surgeon, and physiatrist (physical medicine and rehabilitation doctor) recommended, I found a whole-body type of myofascial release physical therapy that helped me really begin to heal. Before that, the steroid shots helped me feel human again, but only temporarily. I know of others with fibro who have had some success with the JFB-MFR, but that's up to you and your doctors to decide if it's something you should try. Just never give up is the best suggestion I can make. 

    Good luck, and maybe others who have had more success with meds than me will have more suggestions.

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