why do I get the worst anxiety at night after I fall asleep I wake up to this crazy anxiety plz does anyone have some info on what I can do thanks to all who read n past the info on... ps I take 1 mg avanit for this anxiety.. it's hard when I suffer frm lower n leg pain I feel so alone no one to talk too my wife is no help it's like it bothers her...



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    Hi clos, welcome, you're not alone here. When you sleep our brains are still trying work thing out...that can include worst case scenarios.

    Can you describe your phyical condition, what treatment you've tried any scans etc. Whats your doctors plans for managing the pain

    Many of us here can relate to the depression and anxiety. I had previous episodes of back pain some i thought were bad, but they were nothing compared to the insane nerve pain. Its possible those around us see us hurting so much but can't understand,  and feel helpless because they can't help. There may be orher issues to. It does leave us feeling alone.

    Many of us dont like going to doctors at the best of times, even more so when its mental health we're talking about. Councilors, psychologists, atc can help us change our way of thinking.

    Take care, let us know how your going.

  • Hi clos
    OMG can I relate to what you are going through and like tkd said our brains keep going even in sleep. I wake up and freak I think the brain during sleep knows that we are going to wake up to the battles we face with this pain thing and it just is tired, frustrated, sad, angry etc. that is just me what I think is going on. So there it is you wake up and it slams you in the face your tired, in pain, anger, frustration, exhaustion, hopelessness and to top it off there is not the support we need. What now here is another day how do we tackle this day to make it better to go in a positive direction and face it all being strong when we have fought this day after day with getting no where. It is huge for anyone and it is that fight or flight for me don't know if that is how you feel. I did read back at your other posts you have had a lot to deal with failed surgeries, no answers, constant pain, lack of emotional support it gets to everyone. 
    Have you talked to your doctor about this problem, how you battle this if not you need to and right away. There are several types of meds to address it I cannot take them due to my current health. Maybe you should get a second opinion about your health are you seeing a Pain doctor they are trained in getting your pain under control plus a physiologist. 
    You know when I get a panic attack I go outside and walk around get some fresh air, or turn the music on, write in my journal sounds silly but it helps, call someone, go for a drive anything that will get your mind busy with other thoughts. Silly but I every single day make a list of what I can do myself to improve my health or fill my day with positive instead of focusing on negative try it. It doesn't change overnight we know that but take little steps having a goal and keeping it. 
    It is tough I can be around others and have it happen if you type in Panic Attacks in the upper left corner of this page you will get some great information. 
    I hope I have helped even a little take care of yourself. 
    Please keep in touch we care about how you are doing. 

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  • Sorry should have looked at your earlier posts.

    Playing devils advocate for a minute, Noticed you said you were starting on oxycodone, do you feel your anxiety is any worse the last couple of days. 

    Only asking as I reacted to the stuff, to the point where my documentation for surgery had a big red sticker for allergy to the stuff   

    It was only after the stuff was leaving my system that I read the side effects. Level 1: tell you doctor if you have these and they worry you. Level 2: tell your doctor as soon as possible if you have these.  Level 3: tell doctor IMMEDIATELY or got to EMERGENCY,  was definitely in Level 3 just didn't know it.

    If it's working for you, awesome. Please read the possibly side effects list, unlikely you will react badly but educating yourself can't hurt

    Take care.  

  • Gosh tkd made a excellent point and you should take that advice. I did not even pick up on that excellent finding that is serious meds can cause panic attacks. I experienced that with Fentanyl and several others.

  • Thank you all for the great info .. I have a pain management doctor I see every month for the last 8 yrs we tired a lot of things n most don't react good with me I thinks time  I get a 2 second opinion n try a different approach all I want is just a lil rest n not so much pain.. the 30 mg ir oxy are working ok I do take muscle relaxers zanaflex at night to help with the muscle spasms.. I think my anxiety has gotten worse since I started the oxys will talk to my doctor this wensday see what's going on if it that..but by far the oxycodone have been the best meds for my pain to actually do work in my opinion because everybody's body is is different

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  • sometimes the hospital pain clinic has a Mind Body relaxation course. I couldn't make it past the first one but learned so much by stopping doing some deep breathing in through your nose out through your mouth. All of us who suffer chronic pain and apprehension of future etc. do shallow breathing just to prevent pain but of course that doesn't work because we end up with tense muscles so doing the deep breathing even starting with 3 deep breaths in through nose out through mouth can help muscles relax and help with the anxiety. 

    It wouldn' t hurt to talk with your Dr about referral to Psych or Therapist if you have benefits or even some physiotherapy can help with relaxation exercise.

    all that said a physical by your Dr. should be done. I used to have sleep apnea and wake up anxious couldn't breathe, headache different day different symptoms so get it checked out. Some other medical condition also causes anxiety. take care

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