Herniated Disc surgery question


        I have severe symptoms of cramps in the buttock/leg and sciatia from past three weeks, After doing my MRI ,  i have large herniated disc, which doesn't let me stand sit or walk for even a min.  Pain is reduced since three weeks, but conditions remain same. Not able to do still do basic stand , sit or walk for even a min. Doctor has suggested for surgery. L5 S1 disc herniation which is large. 

Should i wait few more weeks to take the surgery, just wondering if i can recover so that i need not have surgery. or should i go to surgery as soon as possible. 





  • memerainboltmemerainbolt IndianaPosts: 3,403

    Hello Harry

    There are no medical professionals on this forum site. Therefore no one is capable or permitted to give any medical advice of any kind.
    This is a discussions between you and your surgeon but totally your decision.. Ask a lot of questions first then decide.

  • Yes i understand, i just wanted to get the opinions and decide.

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  • Gabriellax92Gabriellax92 Posts: 76
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    Depending on how bad it is effecting your life. I'm in the same boat as you, severe hernia L4-L5. I can't stand straight, I can't stand for more then a few minute because I struggle to hold myself up. Sitting is not an option, it's so painful. I can only lay on my right side, which is still extremely uncomfortable but if I turn on my left side the pain is so bad I become almost paralized. Finally after having the MRI and seeing a surgeon surgery was really my only option for full relief of this. I didn't even second guess it and chose to do the surgery. I work from home, which I'm very thankful and lucky my job allows me to do. I was working in my bed instead of at my desk for a couple months but the pain became too much and I had to go out on disability leave. I'm scheduled for surgery August 2nd, I'm terrified yes. This is my first surgery ever. But my quality of life will not improve if I don't get it done. I can't live like this any longer. Even the days leading up to my surgery are pure agony. It's like my body knows I'm having surgery and wants to give me no relief in pain to change my mind. I don't sleep most nights due to the pain. I nap during the day. My fiance has to do EVERYTHING for me. I hate depending on him. It's definitely caused a strain in our relationship.

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    Harry1188, I'd have to agree with Gabriellax92, Iwas in a similar position in that the pain was so debilitating and impacting on everything I wanted and needed to do. 

    I'm currently 4.5 months post op and it was the right thing for me.

    Take care

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