Pain after a Microdiscectomy at L5S1

Hi guys. First time poster. I have got a lot of useful information from these forums and from what I have read, everyone is different even when suffering or recovering from the same issue. 

I had a microdiscectomy 3 weeks ago and for the first 2 weeks it felt like it was coming along ok then I had a day or two where I had pretty bad sciatic pain. I then had another couple of good days and though I was in the clear. Unfortunately the last four days I have had sciatic pain even more serious than before surgery. I have had a follow up MRI but they couldn't really see what is causing the pain to be so serious.

Anyone have any ideas or information they can offer?

Thanks in advance :)



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    if you read other discussions about nerve/sciatic pain after surgery it is common in a lot of cases. sometimes it takes or even months for the nerves to wake up, but, also depending how long or how bad they were compressed. below is a link to a very good article that might help you.

    sciatica treatment

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