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Medtronic Pain Pump



  • Sorry guys that it's taken so long to return been having some personal issues, and some more health issues with myself and the hubby. 

    @memerainbolt I certainly don't have the problem of being tiny lol, but I have the problem of meds hitting me really hard with side effects, even at lower doses.  I've had my pump increased a couple times over the past few months, and again I can tell there is now more confusion.  I'm having a lot of neuropathy type pain, fibro pain, and chest pain too. I also have constant pain in my arms and hands, and feet and legs, in addition to my back pain that I can't seem to get any of those levels down past a 7 or 8 recently with just the pump.  Of course, when I take the orals too, which I have no choice but to take daily, that helps bring that level down to about a 5 or 6. If I were to take all the meds I have on hand to take it would come down more I'm sure, but then I'd be sleeping all the time, have slurred speech, risk falling, etc.  So I'll take being in some really bad pain in my entire body over being nearly comatose. (I hate to feel drugged out, to me that is the worst feeling in the world).   I'm the type who wouldn't even take an aspirin for a headache until I got hurt, and since I'm a sissy when it comes to meds, I just do whatever works best for me, of course, with my doc's permission of course, and just take it 1 day at a time, and sometimes that has to be decreased to 1 hour at a time, and sometimes 1 minute at a time.   If it were just my injury pain it would be some easier to deal with, but since it's also my fibro, my arthritis, my neuropathy, etc. etc. etc. it's just too much, and makes it so hard to function at all sometimes.  People who don't have chronic pain can never understand what those of us who do are going through.  

    @sgam I'm sorry was that question directed at me, if so my guess would be that they are giving him a bolus dose at his office visit when he gets his refills.  


  • memerainboltmemerainbolt IndianaPosts: 6,480


    I told my husband last night I want 5 mins. just 5, of no pain anywhere. I try to stay positive, do simple things around the house and stay active here. But it would be nice for a few minutes just to take a deep breath and something not hurt. 
    Beside the pump, the only meds I take is 5 mg. oxycodone, 3xday (break thru pain), 2 low dose Arthotec every day Robavin 2xday and Neurotin 3 xday. 

    I do not and will not have that drugged feeling you talked about, hate it.  When you have other issues beside the spine, it's hard to tell what is hurting and why. We decided to go higher with each increase of the pump, now 10-15% every 2-3 weeks. I will get there someday. But what about the other problems, what do we do about them.

    Glad to see you back, hope you stay.

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  • Hello all. I am getting my first pump done in mid-April. My Dr is putting me on a Fentanyl pump with 90 day supply. He said I will also need breakthrough meds from time to time but I would prefer NOT to have them. The point of getting the pump is to stay off pills. Its a shame how screwed up some Drs are in various States. I'm in Florida and most pain management Drs have gone off the deep end. You better have MRI's, CT's and numerous surgeries to your spine like me to even get Percocet. My Pain Dr and I were talking about the crisis and he said the main reason for over-prescribing is this Fibromyalgia. He said Oxy's, Hydros etc should not be used to treat it since it is believed to be a muscle born issue. Fibro is  the name given to someone when Drs refuse to do their job and find the cause of the pain. Now we are where we are with many people being left out in the cold without any pain medication. I have been lucky in that regard although I'd rather be healthy. I am curious why they only do 30 day supplies in some areas? That seems crazy considering it's not like you can abuse the medication or sell it. How often, those on Fentanyl, have you had to use instant relief meds like Percocet? Thanks. This is a new and life changing event for me. I actually smiled the other day when I found out he would do the surgery.

  • memerainboltmemerainbolt IndianaPosts: 6,480


    Most pain pumps have to be refilled every 3 months. It depends on the size of the pump, your flow rate and how mgs. a day. Until they get you at a comfortable level, pain wise, you might need the breakthrough meds. My surgeon and PM doctor will only use morphine, which is what I have in a 40 mg. pump.

    Have you had your trial yet? 

    Veritas-Health Forum Moderator
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  • Hello all!

    I am new to this forum and joined because I saw this thread.

    Quick background:

    My wife is 32 years old and has a failed pancreas transplant (not rejected), severe gastroparesis(paralyzed stomach), Type 1D plus many other issues as you can imagine.

    She had her trial last month and it went ok. She passed it at least. We have a consult next week with the provider who will be the one to refill it and may put it in as well. Not sure as we have been passed around a lot it seems.

    We have many concerns, but she just has to get off the oral pills because it takes too much and she has malabsorption from her stomach disease and pancreatitis, so they don't work well at all. Her Dr.'s are pushing for this pump which sounds great if it works well. Honestly, I hadn't heard many positive stories until seeing this thread.

    Our main concern is infection. It is necessary for her to take immunosuppression medicine to protect her transplant. Even though it failed, it is still inside of her and her white blood cells will attack it if not on the anti-rejection medicine. Meaning she is always at high risk for infection.

    Has anyone heard of or had any issues due to infections?  

    She had a chest port which had to be removed when she somehow had a staph infection in her blood. If she had another blood infection would it infect the pain pump as well? My understanding is that blood is like driving locally and the spine is like a superhighway when it comes to infection, yet the Dr.'s aren't concerned. Which to me, is concerning.

    Would appreciate any insight or information possible. 

    Thank you all so much for the community you have formed!

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  • Im a 61 year old woman that had a spinal fusion of S1-L5-L4 back in September of 2012... in July 2013 I was finally diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis ( which had been misdiagnosed for years) --between the failed back surgery..and the pain from MS I was a wreck and needed quite a bit of oral narcotics and pain patches just to function.  

    Fast forward to today..while I still have MS (nothing can get rid of that) I have minimal pain these days..thanks to the medtroinic pump.  It is a miracle.  Mine has a mix of Baclofen and Fetantyl in 20 pump and use a bolus every 2 hours as needed.  This is a miracle !!!   

    @memerainbolt  I am 5'3" and weigh 135 lbs...usually a size 6 .. when the pump was implanted 20 months ago I weighed about 160 lbs ..but some other medical issues had me loosing weight.  mine was implanted on my right side in the abdominal area.. right above my hip bone.  Yes when Im undressed I can see the outline of the pump and yes it does kinda stick out..but it is WELL WORTH that for the relief I get from it  

    PancreasTPlantFAIL I also had the same experience as you..prior to my operation I looked and looked for someone with the pump to talk to ...and all I could find was horror stories ..and scared the bejesus out of me... I even went as far as asking the medtronic folks to set me up with someone to talk to about their pump and I felt like we had nothing in common for me to feel as if I had consulted with anyone.  I will add your wife to my prayers, while I have nowhere near her concerns of infection, I am living with a compromised immune system with MS and am hoping to be selected for an FDA clinical trial for treatment of MS symptoms through use of my own stem cells.  One of the requirements of the trial is to have a medtronic pump ...the protocol of the trial requires a bi monthly infusion(of sorts) of the newly "farmed clean brain cells" directly into the spinal column  through the pump side port... to me, that sounds like they feel its a good method to treat those with compromised immune systems.  

    Im so glad my husband found this site !! 

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