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Kadian or Oxycontin

hootie8987hhootie8987 Posts: 18
edited 06/11/2012 - 8:22 AM in Pain Medications
Hi all, I have been on Kadian for a couple of months now. It makes me irratable and sleepy. I was thinking of asking the PM DR of changing to Oxycontin. I realize Kadian is morphine but does anybody feel Oxy. is better for chronic pain? My wife and kids tell me I am getting meaner. Also I have been having pain and numbness in my fingers. My lawyer thinks Oxy. is more addicting. Is that so? I am looking for some input here any sugestions would help. Thank you all again......Hoot


  • Oxy is stonger than Morphine. If you're taking Kadian now you're better off staying on it and possibly increasing the dose. OxyContin, which is what you would be looking at, is a stronger med that hits a different receptor in the brain. OC will last anywhere from 5 to 9 hours depending on the individual and if I'm not mistaken, Kadian lasts a bit longer. You might want to consider a 24 hour Morphine med called Avinza which I am very happy with. It does last at least 24 hrs and there's no side effects outside of the usual constipation. Just a suggestion.
  • dilauroddilauro ConnecticutPosts: 12,813
    I had been taking Oxycontin for almost 2 years. I started with 40mg 2x a day and just this past month dropped to 10mg 1x a day and the every other day and finally none.
    It can be a very addicting medication and withdrawals can be rough. It is very important with Oxycontin (as well as many other medications) that you carefully have a plan to reduce the dosage over a period of time. This is something you should NOT do on your own, but work on a plan with your doctor.

    Overall, Oxycontin did a good job in managing my pain. The Etended Relief makeup of Oxycontin provided a level of pain releif over a period of time. This was anywhere from 6 to 10 hours. In between those periods, it was necessry to take breakthough pain medication. That was Oxycodone IR 5mg. Immediate Relief medications did just that, gave you that quick level of pain relief.

    Please keep in mind that there really is not one pain medication that is going to provide total pain relief. It really is a 'blend' of other medications (ie Nerve medications, Muscle relaxers, Sleep aids, etc) depending on your situation along with other treatments (ie Aqua Therapy, Massage Therapy, Relaxation techniques) that is what really is needed to manage and control your pain.

    But as always, consult with your doctor to understand what is the best plan for you.
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  • How old were you in this pic? Cute...

    Question....Is Dilaudid in the same category as Oxycontin? I think it is and I've been taking it for about two years now. I will be seeing a new neurologist on the 22nd due to my PM relocating and not prescribing meds and my present neurologist retiring.

    The only other meds I have to help me for breakthru is Zanaflex and a .25 Xanax. I am prescribed (2) 4 mg. Hydromorphone pills(generic Dilaudid) 4 times a day. However, after my PM doctor left, with my Neurologist's knowledge, I have tried to limit myself to just one pill and only take 6-7 total a day and I am in terrible pain.

    I've had the same neurologist for over 10 years and he tells me taking up to 8 a day will not hurt me. My PM doctor prescribed that amount when I was seeing him. I saw him for over 7 years until he relocated and started doing procedures only and not prescribing medications. So, my neurologist took over my meds thereafter.

    I fear with starting a new doctor now, I may be taken off this medication and started on something completely different (which might not be a bad idea if it would be something BETTER). Even though the relief is not long lasting, when I was taking 8 pills per day, I was getting more relief. My neurologist assures me he has told this new neurologist whom he has referred me to keep my meds the same.

    I know I am not addicted, as I am the one who didn't want to take narcotics and, in fact, put off taking any until the pain became so bad, that I only started taking this one medication a few years ago after being in pain for over 10 years.

    My question seems to be, since I am in such pain, and my doctor says taking (2) 4 mg. Dilaudid 4 times a day would be okay, that when the time comes to change medications and I would have to start to lower the dosage of this particular medication, do you think I would have problems? Hopefully, there would be a medication given to me at the same time that would help as I lower my dosage of the Dilaudid, correct?

    Thanks........and first I hope this makes sense and second,

    I hope everyone has a good weekend!
  • I started with Oxycontin 30 mg 2x /day last thurs. It has been the best med so far. I get about 8 hours of releif, but with alot of BT pain. I am still taking the max for BT pain ( 4 vicoden es a day).
  • From the morphine based drugs. I was on Avinza and it was the worst medication ever for me!! Remember we are all different. I was so constipated on Avinza that I even drank castor oil and things did not budge!!!!
    I was very very moody on it as well...It just was aweful. I switched to Oxycontin and it seems to work better for me. Especially as far as side effects are concerned. I also take Norco for BT pain.
    Good luck with your decision.

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  • I have a question about breakthru meds. As I sid before I am still taking all of the breakthru meds given to me 4 vicoden every 6 hours. My Dr said that was ok. Is the goal to not have to use any BT meds? Does it mean the oxycontin needs to be stronger? Im already taking 30 mg every 12 hours. I hate to have to increase the dose again. I can like with the 30 mg oxy and 4 vicoden a day.
  • Your PM may differ, buy usually, they are always going to give you SOME breakthrough meds if that's been working for you. In this case your doctor will likely increase your oxycontin to 30mg 3 times a day, without breakthrough increase. The goal is to control your pain as well as possible with ER meds like oxy, while needed the lowest amounts of breakthrough meds, all the while vastly improving your life. I'd bet going from 2 30s a day to 3 30s a day will greatly reduce your need to take the BT meds, assuming no physical dependence dictating the need for them. I still take my max BT meds, but my doctor is happy how as my 'constant' pain is more controlled than ever. If you are ok with your current meds, let them know its just right and keep it that way!

    Say no to pain,

  • I think that the goal is improve the quality of your life with or without BT meds. I feel that the less BT meds you have to take, the better off you are and the better you are feeling. The better you feel, the better the quality of life is for you. Some months I take all of my BT meds and some months I don't take but half of them. Each day is different with me but for the most part, I have my pain under control. I think the whole idea of BT meds is kind of like an emergency med. If you take your long acting med the way it is supposed to be taken and you find yourself having to take too much of the BT meds, you probably need larger doses of the long acting med. Thats what happened to me. I was taking 120 mg of Avinza each day (24 hr med) and found that I was running out of my BT med, (15 mg Oxy) I spoke to my Dr. and we changed it over to 240 mg of the Avinza and 8 mg of Hydromorphone instead of the 15 mg Oxy for BT. Finally after a few months, I ended up with 360 mg of the Avinza and after a switch over to the 30 mg Oxy, I went back onto the 15 mg Oxy for BT. That has been my steady med routine now for about the last 8 months. Knock on wood, we got it right. So you see, you have to experiment with what works best for you. Everyone is different in how they respond to these CII and CIII meds. Of course the less BT medicine you need, the better off you are, but you always need it in case of an emergency. Basically after all that ranting about meds, I actually agree with Jon. He said it first anyway.
  • hi there
    i take oxy and find it "quite!" good. i think you need to employ the good mental attitude and be sensible with these meds...side effects versus pain control.

    not had experience with the other one. sorry.
  • back to the orginal question.
    My lawyer thinks Oxy. is more addicting. Is that so? I am looking for some input here any sugestions would help. Thank you all again......Hoot

    i personally do not think oxy is any more addicting then morphine, diluadid, methadone, fentynl basically anything that is long acting. problem is in the past oxy has gotten a bad rap. not true. i found personally that percocet worked better then straight old oxy even when they told "oh this will work so much better" i felt nothing at all.
    also my PM dr told me that diluadid was considered short acting and not long acting????? (wish sometimes you could have it in IV form at home like now)
    not sure as i was not happy with him. great guy but only RX'd 4 different meds. HUH WHAT kinda PM dr is that , that treats long term pain. hmmm but oh well that is old news.

    anything you need for long term pain relief you need and thats that. and all the meds are going to work differently for each person taking them. it may work great for you.
    morphine gave me major headaches and did not touch one thing of pain and made me feel sick.

    ron made a very good point. any med just needs to be wheened down by a dr. i was on methadone as a last resort before last years surgery. and i came off it in 2 weeks with a drs help. no issues.
    but boy let me tell you i probably will have chronic pain the rest of my life and so wish i stayed on the methadone. i took it 2xs a day at 5mg and it was a lifesaver. and i asked him about the "bad rap" on that to the long term effects. he said "not true when taken correctly". so whether this is right or not i am not sure as so many are against this med.

    i just wish i could find a dr in my area that is willing to do a long term med along with a breakthrough. its nearly impossible.

    hoot i want to wish you the very best of luck in finding what works for you. sometimes its like a card game and you just have to find the right card...

    HANG IN THERE >:D< O:) >:D< O:)
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