Cold Laser Treatment?

Has anyone tried cold laser treatment for scar tissue/pain?  If so, was it helpful? Side effects? My son's doctor believes that his increasing pain over the past several months is probably due to scar tissue inflammation. He went to a new physical therapist who recommended cold laser treatment to reduce the scar tissue. Just wanted to know if anyone has had experience with this. Also, who is qualified to provide these treatments? 



  • mlavellemlavelle Teaneck NjPosts: 40

    Hi!  I had class 4 laser treatment for low back issues.  It was very helpful, noninvasive, and definitely helped with scar tissue/inflammation. There were no side effects--except reduced pain!  It is one step beyond cold laser.

  • Thank you so much, miavelle! Can I ask what type of professional provided those treatments for you? 

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