Extreme pain in lower back/left hip/left upper thigh

Hello everyone,

I'm very new here, and hoping for advice on a problem that I've been experiencing for the past 8 months.  First of all, I had a total hip (left) replacement in '14.  The I had surgeries in '15 and '16 to remove heterotopic  ossification bone growth from my left hip.  Recently the hip has began to hurt again badly, along with my lower left back.  Several MRI's conducted, Left hip drained of fluid and cultured for infection.  No problems with the hip or hardware.  Now an MRI done on the lumbar spine which is where the "fun" begins.  The results were as follows: 1. Mild multilevel degenerative changes of the lumbar spine without thecal

sac or significant neural foraminal narrowing. There is stable mild

narrowing of the right neural foramen at L5-S1.

2. Mild levoscoliosis of the lumbar spine. Mild (grade 1) retrolisthesis of

L4 on L5.

3. When compared to the prior MRI lumbar spine study from 8/15/2015, there

has been interval development of atrophy and fatty infiltration of the left

psoas and iliacus muscle. This correlates with a territory supplied by the

left L1-3 lumbar spinal nerves and parts of the left femoral nerve.

Has anyone else dealt with this or heard of this?  I have an EMG scheduled for next Tuesday, so hopefully more will be discovered.

Thanks for any input that can be provided.




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    while you are waiting for other members to respond, please know there are no medical professionals on this site. therefore, no one can interpret your mri. i think an emg would be the next step to clarify if there is damage to the spinal nerves and how much. please keep us posted on your results! good luck!
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