Nerve pain, headaches increased from alcohol use recently ???

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I wanted to see if anyone had the following problem. I have extensive nerve damage in my neck. This causes me daily headaches and nausea. It has been about the same for the last 5 years. I take Gabapentin (2400mg/day) which helps but doesn't resolve it. I have always drank alcohol, which actually gave me some relief while I was drinking. About 1 year ago, I started having strange issues. My neck would get really hot towards the end of the night before bed. About 8/10 times I would drink, I would really feel poorly for several days to a week. Even if I had 1 or 2 drinks. Has anyone experienced this and have you found a solution? I currently barely drink and I am resigned to giving up drinking forever.



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    I know it but I continue to have a couple glasses of wine with dinner while dining out or drink couple of beers while lounging pool side.  I have given up so much in life due to being a CP patient, but my wine and beer I don't think so.  Enjoy your day and hoping for a low number pain day to all.  :>)

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    hi bdesul!

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    congratulations on bringing your drinking down to "barely"!! 
    but in a way you found your own solution when you stated "about 8/10 times i drank i really felt poorly the next several days'.
    to me this a start, a test so to speak.

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