hey guys! New to this! About 6 weeks ago I started to get this awful aching in the back of my calf, felt like a muscle knot was really awful, I'm a smudge of a hypochondriac so thought it was a blood clot or something silly like that. However. I went to the doctors she said it's a pulled muscle. It went away after a few weeks, but I woke the other morning and my lower left back, all down my left thigh and my calf are now constantly on fire. It stays in my calf all day, it usually is worse when I'm sitting/laying down, I read online about sciatica but I haven't seen much about it mainly affecting the calf? My doc on a return visit said leave it and it sciatica, it will go away but sometimes tha pain is unbearable. Can anyone offer any advice/support? Can it just mainly affect your calf? It's like a numb tingling and very achy. Sometimes the back of the calf sometimes along the side. 



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    hello denholm123

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    below is a very good article on sciatica, it even gives advice on treatment.

    sciatica treatment

    you might consider a second opinion with a neurologist as soon as you can to rule out anything serious.
    my sciatica has returned with a vengeance. this morning it felt like someone was pouring hot water down my left leg.
    ice packs are my best friend when it does this. 

    hang in there and keep us posted on how you are doing.

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    I understand your calf burn.  I get that almost nightly, but not much during the day.  The ache is on the back and side of the calf with burning pain from the hip.  I have been told it's sciatica and keep doing the sciatica exercises to make it go away.  Unfortunately, it's not helping, but as weird as it is the pain comes and goes.  It comes more than it goes.  Definitely painful and annoying dealing with leg pain.  I usually use ice on my calves when the fire gets super hot and use my massager on my legs.  Good luck.

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