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i have been down with neck pain and nerve pain in my left shoulder and left arm,  2 shoulder surgerys and a fusion over about 5 years but the pain will not go away. My doctor found a tumor at c-5, and it has been there for 4 years growing slowly getting worse Day by day.  It is hard to walk at times or move much, best if laying down to ease the pain on my neck and shoulder. Going in on Tuesday for surgery August 1st Doctor is said it is going to be 6 hour surgery min. Really looking forward to recovery I know it will be hard but anything will be better than what I have been thru. I have been down a long time, so my recovery might be longer than most, also might have so nerve damage. But still better than what I have been thru, I have not been out of the house but for doctor visits in about 2 years. I have been thru physical therapy about 4 different times but ever time I can make it about 6 weeks and then I fall apart no one could understand what or why until now the doctor said it all makes since now the tumor is growing and making my pain worse, thanks for your time.  Lost my disabitly from lowe's last Aug 2016. Funny thing was they said I was ready to go back to work then, even though I couldn't walk hardly . It has been hell but I am going to make it. Most of all for my wife and my 4 kids, they have never given up on me. I am so blessed.

 Most of all thanks for your prayers.

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    I am so sorry to hear about this. You've been through a lot.
    I had a tumor removed at T10 many years ago and there were a lot of what I called the "could happen'. I could be paralyzed, could be long recovery, could be a lot of nerve damage. But we don't know until it is over.
    That's where a positive attitude comes in. A positive attitude before surgery means a positive recovery.

    My saying is be thankful for 3 things every day. You will realize just how blessed you are.

    Good luck with surgery and keep us posted.

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