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Hello Everyone, I'am new to this Forum -

Have anyone.had Infusion Surgery on L4-L5, and have pressure in lower back , I had my surgery in 2015, and I'm still  having complications, pressure, I cant stand up long ,and I cannot walk far, I'm in pain all the time, but the Infusion did take away the constant burning down my left side. the only time the burning returns is when I do to much, I been asking for answer for my situations,  but no answers why the pressure.



  • mlsmmls MarylandPosts: 11
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    I ruptured a disk in my neck in 2005 and a month later had surgery (C5-7 discectomy with fusion), which gave me the use of my arm back and eliminated the shooting, fire-like burning nerve pain down my arm and in my neck. But I also continued to have burning pain after my surgery. It was different than the shooting nerve pain before the surgery. It was more like burning wax enveloping my upper back, neck, and head, and a burning soldering iron pressing into points all over my neck and upper back. 

    After 9 months of continued debilitating pain, I was finally diagnosed with myofascial pain syndrome which was triggered either by the surgery or the acute pain I was in for a month before the surgery.

    The burning pain after the surgery would definitely flare up if I did too much. Lying down and resting minimized the pain, but it's hard to live life lying down all the time. 

    For those first nine months I could barely be up for more than 15 minutes. Walking, standing, sitting, all hurt very badly. Anything where I had to hold my head up. But I finally got some relief initially with trigger point injections. They helped for a little while, but then lost their effectiveness and gave me side effects. 

    It was finally myofascial release, provided by the specially trained physical therapists, that started to really reduce my burning debilitating pain. Then after that I learned a lot about the Mind Body Connection and that also helped me heal further. You are welcome to peruse my website where I talk about my journey and things that have helped me (url is below in my signature line). I'm not sure if my experience is similar enough to yours that this might help, but I thought I'd share in case it could help. I wish you the best of luck!

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    hello helpneedadvice

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    have you thought about getting another opinion and or diagnostic test such as mri? in some cases it takes tests to find out what is going on instead of just guessing.
    we are not medical professionals so therefore we are not capable or permitted to give medical advice.
    but if you are in constant pain it needs to be managed.

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