One Year Post Op TODAY- Update

twindhamttwindham Tennessee Posts: 27
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Wow I am here!!! Today is exactly one year since I had my Spinal Fusion L5 S1 and I really do have so much to be Thankful for!!

I don't have excruciating nerve pain on my left leg and my back is doing great of course by the end of every day I have pain from tiredness in my back.

 Now I do have some numbness on my left foot. I still do home therapy on my own and use the elliptical hoping that someday that will be gone for good. I have a little limp but not too bad > I do better with tennis shoes or sandals with a back strap.

I do not need any meds except Tylenol once in a great while!! 

I don't see my Surgeon till the end of this Month so I will update about what He says.

It really does feel good to report this because right after surgery - the nerve pain on my left leg  was excruciating and kept me in pain and limited to some things I  felt like it would never go away and I am so thankful today for every obstacle I was able to overcome and the improvement I have overall!!

If you have pain after any kind of surgery Hang in there and take baby steps every day and soon you will see your pain eases off and you know that you really don't need the meds anymore. Stick to whatever PT your surgeon gives you. If the cost is overbearing do the exercises they ordered as best you can.  Don't over exert just do your best even the littlest movement can help such as lifting foot off ground, circular motion with foot or massaging your foot daily. It all helps!!

I wish you all the very best!!



  • memerainboltmemerainbolt IndianaPosts: 3,415


    It is so good to hear success stories!!. We don't get a lot of those so thank you so much for posting this.
    A good recovery involves just as you said, PT and listening to your surgeon, hard work and patience.

    Good luck and may you continue to improve.

  • WLLadyWLLady Ontario CanadaPosts: 844

    if we had "like" buttons on this forum i would be hitting it multiple times!!!!! That's wonderful that you are doing so well!  yay!!!!!!  i've heard to keep up with the PT even after recovery is done, and that will keep things in shape in the future too!  great to hear the happy news!

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  • Yeah for you how wonderful to read a positive outcome of surgery. I have never had back surgery but am scared to death about it from reading all the scary stories. Wish others would come here and tell us of their positive turn around too. Hope is everything and you added to it. 
    Thank you for sharing a fantastic story. 

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