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Sharp Tailbone Pain and now Lower Back & Buttock Pain

Several weeks ago, I noticed some sharp pain in my tailbone area that appeared randomly (no fall, injury, etc.). I iced it that night hoping I just "moved the wrong way" but the next day the pain was noticeable worse and almost everything hurt - sitting, trying to sit, standing up, and went it was pressed directly it was a sharp, acute pain so went to a walk in clinic where the doctor believed I had the very beginning of a pilonidal cyst but the next day my dermatologist dismissed that and thought it was nerve damage so referred me to my PC for followup. When I saw her, the pain had diminished some but she ordered a x-ray (lying down) which showed nothing abnormal.

That sharp, tailbone pain has basically disappeared but now have lower back pain that seems to be made worse with movement as I feel better in the morning but the pain increases as the day progresses especially if I've been active. The pain is primarily on the right side above my hip and going down my buttock but will occasionally flare up on the left side but never seems to be on both sides at the same time. Had a MRI done last Thursday but have yet to get the results.

Have been reading up on SI joint issues and pelvic floor dysfunction (have other symptoms that may suggest this is an issue) but with the varying symptoms and different locations not sure where to start as my PCP seems to think none of this is an issue and I had to push for further testing beyond the x-ray. Admittedly, have anxiety and worried that focusing on these issues are making them more acute in my perception but hoping with some answers I can start to relax and figure out treatment/solutions.



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    until you get the results of the mri it will be hard to know where to go. and searching the internet for a diagnosis is not always the best thing. then you start wondering could it be this or that. i would suggest getting in touch with your doctor regarding the mri and go from there.

    in the meantime, please click on the welcome link below for more information.

    welcome to spine health

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  • I've had MRI, xray, and CTscan. I do have herniated disc, but they are saying that they can't see that causing the sciatica, sciatica and pain so bad, I can't do anything but lay in bed. I had to stop working a week ago, due to the debilitating pain. I still have my job, suppose to go back less than a week, I can't even move. Tried stretching and massage therapy made it worse. Did steroids, what a joke, made me hungry far and mean. Hydrocodone doesn't do a darn thing. I'm tired of laying here crying because I have no life and probably no job soon. 

       This pain is way too much, and these years are too much. I don't know what else to do next. My insurance isn't very good and my work insurance hasn't kicked in yet, so getting help is so hard. 

        I'm so so tired of not being able to do anything but lay here on my back, for as soon as I get up for 5 mins, I'm in agonizing pain. 

        Can anyone give me an idea of what a next step might be, I'm really at a loss and I'm getting so depressed

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  • MRI results showed nothing abnormal and my PCP basically told me she has no other thoughts as to why I am experiencing this pain. I have decided to switch to another PCP and hopefully she can help continue trying to determine what is going on.

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