Please help! In so much pain.

Please help... I'm 32 years old, when I was 23 I herniated my L5-S1 disc when I was squatting with a barbell on my shoulders. I have tried everything. Chiro, PT for years, Cortisone injections, just starting inversion table therapy now. Saw a surgeon, and he said no because of age and condition. When I workout, I have to ice my back for atleast an hour to somewhat clear the pain. I am in great health, and have always been an athlete. Also pain changes my brain, in that my personality "runs faster" when I am in pain. This is taking over my life. I need advice... I just started anti-depressants because of how this is effecting me. Please help!



  • Hi and welcome
    Sorry you are going through this it is frustrating and can get a person down for sure. The doctor you currently have what kind  and is he or she the one you have been under care for all this time? If he or she has not give you a plan or some advice maybe get a second opinion or go to Pain management they can work with you. I am not sure why your age has anything to do with having surgery it might have been he or she felt you could improve with therapy etc. You really need to discuss this further with the doctor let them know how you feel. 
    I cannot give you advice on what you should do as far as the next step that is up to your doctor But I did read you are continuing working out how does your doctor feel about that it seems to me you might want to wait until whatever is going on with you is diagnosed and you have a plan with your doctor as to how to get it under control. You wouldn't want to do anymore damage etc.
    Sorry I wish I could give you more ideas but to let you know this is a great place to come to find others who you can talk to or just vent if needed. 
    Take care Sherrie

  • Thank you Sherrie. Yes, I've been in years of PT. My doctor actually moved. So I'm searching now. I'm from southern Pa. I was thinking of Hopkins...??

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