A 2nd SCSin the works, is it worth it?

hello all..

I went yesterday for my consult to consider trying a second SCS. I had one implanted (Medtronic) after a successful trial in 2013. Well the unit itself helped my pain but caused me pain beyond any belief once I turned it on for more than 5 minutes, so I had the whole unit removed in 2014;  I only had it 11 months exactly. 

This time I'd be going with a Boston Scientific Precison Spectra unit. I'd love to get some opinions from folks that have a SCS especially a Boston Scientific one if possible? And/or people who've had one fail and have another implanted too.  Pro and cons are all welcomed please <span>:blush:" alt=":blush:" height="20" /></span>

Interesting note, my doctor included that 35% of SCS fail within 5-7 years.... I've never heard that with my 1st one. 


I'd appreciate anything anyone wants to share. 


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