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Lyrica & vision problems???

I've never had any crazy side effects to a medication before, but maybe a week after starting lyrica, I had blurry vision, like I needed glasses. I've had lasik vision correction, so I normally see fine. I didn't take the Lyrica for a couple days & my vision returned to normal. Obviously I don't want to take it anymore, but it did help with the burning & tingling in my leg. Has anyone else experienced this & did it subside after a while or did you just have to stop taking it?



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    Several years ago I took Lyrica for fibromyalgia. I got off of it real quick as I had too many side effects, with blurred vision being one them. I contacted my doctor my doctor immediately and he had me taper off of it.
    I would notify your doctor and have hi recommend something else.

  • HI Both myself and my wife have been prescribed Lyrica in the past . We both found we had vision problems with it as well as other side effects.  We both dropped it after a few days use and went back to the doctor asking for a different medication. I was put on Targin which has worked for me for months and now I'm post op are in the process of weaning myself off.  She is recently diagnosed with spine issues and was switched to Gabapantin.  As it is similar in nature to Lyrica she is very reluctant to take it now. We are waiting to see if the same side effects develop as they have unfortunately scared her off any pain relief for her crazy sciatica. Personally I don't know why this drug is prescribed so frequently as I have rarely heard anyone praise its efficacy.


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  • I stopped taking Lyrica due to the same thing.

  • Me three. I stopped because i got the blurry vision and my eye would twitch. Not fun at all.

  • interesting side affects, some I hadn't connected to this med.

    I would love to stop this medication, but I think my nerves were trapped for so long, I would be foolish to try that yet!

    My nerve is just joining in now to remind me lol!


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  • I almost lost my job due to this.  reading close to 10 hours perday and misread something crucial and it caused a big problem. 

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