Tarlov Cysts

I am 1 month post op having 6 Tarlov cysts removed from my L1,L2,L3,L4,L5 and a cantaloupe sized one taken off my S2, S3. I have no feeling from my middle back down. The problem is I have been in the ER twice with impacted bowels. I have been on Solace, Miralax and Ducolax. Nothing works. If I take magnesium citrate then I have diarrhea.  I have no feeling in peraniym. Is this normal. When I asked my nuerosurgeon he said wasn't his departmartment. My PC said keep on doing what I've been doing. Is this normal? 



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    preventing constipation after back surgery

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    you did the right thing by always checking with your doctor first.
  • I take magnesium oxide (the gel caps work better than tablets for me), since you're right....citrate makes you blow out!  I found that personally I do better at 250 mg 2-3x/day rather than all at one time, which causes cramping.  Works better for me than miralax, etc. You can also ask your doc, they do have a new Rx for constipation.

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