Disc Replacement the Cause of my extreme low back pain?

 Hello everyone, I have never asked stranger on the internet before or started a discussion... so I hope  I am doing this correctly and I am in the right place . 

 I had a cervical replacement surgery (neck) 4 months  ago.  The first few weeks of my recovery where rough only because I was already on a high amount of pain medication, so after surgery the pain meds had little to no effect . Otherwise  The surgery went great and my recovery was quick . I am 38 years old and I am in good shape. 

I was very active in my early years.. a professional dancer, rock climbing, hiking ect. .  Since my late 20s I have I have multiple  issues concerning my spine.  I am already aware from multiple MRIs that I have disc protrusions  in my lower back (or herinations)  and pretty decent  degeneration on basically S1-L5.

My neck was sore sometimes but never really the issue. Until I woke up one day and couldn't feel my first finger and middle finger.. and strangely half my thumb. I started to get this "shock of lighting" in he back of my arm. It's was extremely painful. I could barely lift my arm. My neck though sore wasn't even on my radar.  I thought for sure it was a torn rotator cuff, or some type of shoulder issue . It was my doctor that questioned my neck.. and another MRI confirmed my neck was in terrible shape. So I opted for the disc replacement.. sorry I'm now rambling. 

My question is...Can a disc replacement in the neck somehow make my already delicate lower back worse??

Since  a few weeks after my replacement surgery, my very Lower back feels like it's on fire sometimes. No exaggeration that's what it feels like. Sometimes it feels so tight it's hard to breath. I understand not being as active and maybe a small amount in decrease of core strength may contribute. However my neck is great, feeling in my hands in better ,"no lighting" in my arm. Very happy with my surgery. ..But my low back can sometimes bring me to tears. Like I said I am four months out.. back to work (in a supermarket) not heavy duty stuff. I workout very gently, and eat right.

I am sometimes in excruciating pain. Anyone have any advice or understanding?

Please and thank you.

Melissa :)



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    when was the last time you had imaging on your lower spine? if it's been over a year, maybe it's a good idea to get a recent mri. while the disc replacement surgery wouldn't "cause" more issues in your lower spine, degeneration usually works its way through the spine. most people have issues in multiple places. talk to your doctor and keep us posted! good luck!
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