Lower back pain from lifting weights

Back in March I injured myself while doing deadlifts. At the time it seemed like just a pulled muscle and I took two weeks off from the gym while also taking over the counter anti-inflammatory meds. After two weeks the pain subsides and everything seemed normal so I went back to the gym. 

A week later I was doing deadlifts again and worked my way up to heavy weight and felt tightness in my lower back followed by pain. After that I had what I would consider 7 out of 10 pain in my entire lower back with limited mobility and stiffness. Assuming I pulled something again I went to the same routine with ice, meds, and rest. 

Over the next few months the pain has slowly gone away but the discomfort and minor pain is there. The only difference now is the discomfort is only felt in the lower left of my back. The pain is a dull almost soreness like pain. It feels like at sever bruise that is being pushed on. It is not always constant it comes and goes. 

I feel it when I'm sitting without a back rest, at work carrying boxes, and sometimes when I'm bending over or trying to stand up. 

If this was recent I wouldn't be too worried but it's been several months and I'm not at 100%. If anyone has any insight on what I might be dealing with please help. 

Thank you for you time. 



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  • Hi Bodacious,

    Have you seen the doctor about it.  We cannot give any medical diagnosis here as its against forum rules but as they say on the ads, if pain persists see your doctor.  There are many types of investigations your doctor can order and with back issues it is always better to catch them early.  In the meantime I would suggest to go easy on the weights and not risk making what is probably a small treatable problem into a larger problem.

    Hope this helps,


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  • @bodacious if you're concerned, I would see your doctor. They can start with X-rays, and maybe progress to a MRI. Until then, I would continue with your regimen of rest, ice, meds. You could also try heat to looses the muscles. Heat works better for me with my pain, but everyone is different. Good luck and keep us posted!

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