Scared need to vent

jjust had surgery 1 week ago, laminotomy or laminectomy ,minimally invasive one. To address extreme pain in my hip, calf and numbness in my foot. At this point it hasn't helped, in fact my back pain, which I knew wouldn't be addressed by this surgery is much worse. The pain medication isn't helping, it's a narcotic, so I'm afraid to tell them this , I have more then half of it left and I'm not abusing it, but to be thought of as someone trying to get drugs is worse then just dealing with the pain! So I'm gonna just deal with it. Taking antidepressants too, same issue there, I'm afraid to discuss medications with a Dr/PA! It was hard enough telling them I needed help in the first place. 

Ok I think I feel a bit better



  • You should not be experiencing pain as may hinder healing.  I was to have the simple laminectomy at C5 to release t he pain in my left arm.  Signed for more surgery if necessary-it was.  Anyway I was on both pain medication and a muscle relaxer.  It was my third spine surgery and it is important to take tne meds as scheduled to stay ahead of the pain. II was told it could take the nerves up to 18 months to completely heal. My advice would to be call them tomorrow and let them know you are not getting pain relief with current medication.

  • RDavidGRRDavidG Jacksonville FlPosts: 178

    Brian, the above advice is invaluable. Another thing that is invaluable is to be 100 percent honest with your Md! Trust me  he's heard it before! Your MD doesn't want to prescribe you anything that will interact with the meds your taking! Never be embarrassed! Pride gets in the way to make your life easier. Talk with your MD, be honest and take your prescribed meds BEFORE the pain kicks in.

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  • @Brian35 yes you do need to talk to your surgeon. It's ok to be honest. You just had surgery. There could be issues he needs to address. Please keep us posted!

  • AkiraAAkira Redlands, CAPosts: 238

    Doctors take an oath to help their patients.  You should not be afraid to talk to your doctor about how much pain you're in and ask for help.  You are paying the doctor, not abusing your opioids, and should not just decide to deal with it.  Sounds like this is a hard choice for you, but you need some quality of life.  I would choose for help, rather than just living in pain.  Good luck.

  • another thought are you taking a laxative a long with your pain killer?   Pain medication slows bowel function which causes constipation and doesn't help.  A daily laxative, a couple of stewed prunes and plenty of liquids was a part of my recovery routine.  

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  • Hope you have success with your healing. I had double back surgery. They did my C 6/7, & L 4/5, the first few weeks made me feel like I made a mistake.  Please tell your surgeon, they can't help you if you don't. You do not need to suffer in silence..

  • Cosey

    You said the first few weeks made you feel like it was a mistake.... better now? Glad you did? I'm about a week away from surgery... feeling anxious 

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