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Embarrassing Rectal Pain/Burning/Fullness

Hi!  My pain has been extreme since Feb.2017.  I thought I had hemorrhoids and saw a protoclogist... This is embarrassing for me to type...  She diagnosed Pruritus Ani (idiopathic) but I never scratch...  I have had stool sample cultures done--no yeast or parasites.  I've tried increasing fiber intake, dietary changes, sitzs baths, and topical medications (many topical prescription medications)--no help with my pain, burning, fullness...!  My anus/rectal area is not red or damaged.  My pain is of a searing burning nature in my rectal region/anus area.  Also the muscles across my lower back seem very tight. Could I be experiencing compressed nerves, causing referred pain to my rectum?  I was diagnosed with sacroiliac dysfunction many years ago.  It is definitely flaring up right now. I'm tired of suffering!  Has anyone else had rectal pain or burning from lower back issues?  The little 'sane' voice inside my head is telling me this is; due to, nerve pain or tight muscles in my back.  I plan to see a chiropractor this week for x-rays.  Next course of action is to see spine specialist.  Could I have injured my tailbone?  I have found standing is more comfortable for me--sitting or being stretched out on my back is painful in the recital region. Also, I exercise and lift weights.  Strained muscles???  Nerve damage?   I am miserable and don't know what to do.  Has anyone else suffered from constant rectal burning? :(  Help!  Sorry for repeating myself!  Thank you in advance for your help! 



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  • Hi Smitty55

    Please do not worry about discussing any area of the body on this forum.  We all know that back pain can affect a number of private parts of our anatomy.

    If you think you have injury in your back it would be wise to seek help from a spinal specialist.  Here in the UK we would go to our GP who would refer us.  We would then be assessed, be sent for an MRI if thought appropriate and then a spinal specialist would look at the results.

    I did suffer some sharp rectal pain after a severe herniation of L5/S1 but this does not mean that your pain is definitely connected.  The only way to find out is to seek help.  It seems you have eleminated other problems that could affect that area, so maybe you should get advice from your doctor.

    An X-ray shows bone damage, an MRI shows disc material clearly.

    Take care and update us when you can




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  • Hello, my husband has been going through similar symptoms I'm just wondering what your care plan turned out if anything.  THANK YOU.

  • I have same symptoms. Try emuaid. Helped me. Please let me know what you learn.

  • I'm a 27 year old male with same exact symptoms. I'll add that when I'm standing and take a breath out, I can feel my pelvic muscles drop... like they're contracted to begin with on their own. I've had a cat scan and a pelvic floor therapist (who did internal massaging of the levator ani muscles - yeah it sucks) both rule out hemmhroids. I know I have sciatica because my leg and knee have hurt for years from sports, but the rectal burning/pain did not start until recently from sitting down a lot at work. I've had injections in sacrum coccygeal joint and hip but to no prevail. Looking at SI joint next and then maybe a nerve block. Getting desperate... I want to exercise again 

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