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I'll keep this brief, on June the 8th 2017 I had a Lumbar Microdiscectomy operation on L4/L5 & L5/S1. This was due to months and months of severe sciatica, loss of the use of my left calf and the onset of saddle Amnesia.

The first 4 weeks post op, I was doing well, i paid close attention to what I should and shouldn't do and I'd managed by week 4 to walk for 30 mins twice a day as well as general pottering around. The sciatica had gone and the strength in my left calf returned... I was happy... and looking forward to week 6 when I could move on to the next phase of recovery.

I was then hit with a Bladder / Kidney infection, which hit me like a rock....I was bed ridden for a day but was in pain for days prior and after diagnosis...but after a week on antibiotics this cleared up...,however.....

Since this time I've developed pain in my hip and SI JOINT area, I have trouble walking as my posture has shifted in a type of S shaped scoliosis. With my left hip kicking out and lifting up to the left and my right shoulder lifting up. I now use crutches to assist walking.

I'm a 40 year old male, was pretty fit and strong prior to this whole saga. The original issues that affected my left leg have not returned.

I've being to A&E twice spoke with a surgeon and a  physio who are adamant it's muscular and that they are in spasm. I've seen my surgeon who says the same and he has checked my spine with X-rays weight bearing and laid on my side and he says the same that the discs are fine and the muscles need time to relax and let go for me to be able to walk properly again. I'm on tonnes of pain meds and muscle relaxants but after 3 weeks of this I getting a little fed up to say the least.

Just wondering if anyone has been through or is going through this?



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    i had a long fusion and i can tell you that the muscles in spasm can do all kinds of weird strange things to your posture!  i was on muscle relaxants for quite a while, and they wanted to put me back on them at the last appointment (7 months post surgery) because my right shoulder is constantly pulling down because my QLs are spasming all the time.  i'm 8 months out and still have a lean to the left, which they think might be my left QL pulling my ribs down and i just cannot get it to relax.  i'm going to be starting massage therapy, hopefully that will help and they suggested dry needling (like deep acupuncture into the muscles-not sure how good with that i am....had enough things stuck in me during surgery!).  i still have left hip issues too, and a pinched sciatic nerve likely from spasms in piriformis.

    i hope that it gets better for you soon!   oh, i didn't end up s-shaped, i started s shaped before my long fusion for scoliosis, now with the bars in there all it can do is pull me sideways LOL. 

    someday they'll relax and i'll be "right" again!  hang in there

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    right now i am going through the same thing. si joint and piriformis muscle spasms and nerve pain. below is a very good link to treating sciatica, hope this helps too.

    sciatica treatment

    in the meantime, please click on the welcome link below for more information.

    welcome to spine health

    all new members should take the system tutorial 

    take care and keep us posted on your progress.

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  • Thanks for the supportive comments....

    They are greatly appreciated.... I'm sure things will sort themselves out. I just can't understand how after 4 weeks or normality post op... this can suddenly be happening causing me less mobility that I had before the op. Putting me into this posture I've never had.

    Hey ho... rest and gentle exercise it is.

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