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7 Months Post 4-level ACDF Surgery

Today seven months ago I had my surgery and I just want to give an update.  I was curious early on how everyone was doing long term myself, so this is where I am.  Two months ago I was about 85%, with still having muscle spasms and aching shoulders.  I was just about finished with PT, and I was diagnosed with FROZEN SHOULDER in my left arm along with tendonopathy of two major tendons front and back.  So now I am back to PT and entering my second stage of this horrid condition.  I was just starting to be able to sleep through the night and thinking my nerves were settling and I may end up with a somewhat positive surgery.  That still may be, as although I have stiffness and occasional achiness, in my neck, my main problem is my shoulder.  I have been told that this may have developed from the surgery, and is common for those of us after acdf.  Otherwise, I think I am doing pretty good at this time for such a big surgery.  I am still not sure if I am fused, as my neurologist has discharged me, and I was told that "I will know it if I am not fused"!  My family doctor said he would order an x-ray to see how things are progressing.  So I think I will have that done soon.  It has been a long road to recovery.  For anyone going through this, please be patient, and as miserable as you may fell at times, please stay positive and give it time.  Eat well, exercise, rest when you need to, use your faithful heating pads, and ice packs and say your prayers.  I promise that things WILL get better!!   There were times that I was so very depressed thinking I would be in pain forever to some degree.  However, it really feels like it is passing.  My scar even looks really good now, and you can hardly see it.  They say that wherever you are at one year is what you are left with.  Who knows for sure, but I am going to give it that year and hope for the best!  I will follow up next month and see if the Frozen shoulder is resolved and if I am any closer in my recovery.  God bless you all and stay positive!!!      



  • WLLadyWLLady Ontario CanadaPosts: 844

    couldn't have said it better!!!! it's a long road.  i'm almost 8 months out now and am doing just as great as you are!  i had a 10 level long fusion (T10 to S2 and pelvis).  it does take time.....and you just have to give it the time and nutrition and patience that it needs to heal!

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