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removal after 10 months

My battery implant itches and then I have itching all over but not where the paddle was sutetered in. I am wanting the battery & wires out only is that possible? Itching badly at the battery site

Or does it all come out? I am afraid to go under anesthesia again and afraid it will be horriff pain. Does anyone. Know if this is worse than first time implant. Icant miss more than 2 weeks at work.

What can I expect can they mess up a nerve.just want itchi g to stop.  Please advise. Irsa Boston Scs put in with paddle oct 2016



  • memerainboltmemerainbolt IndianaPosts: 6,443

    In my case, it all came out. I did not have paddles, just leads. But when they took out the SCS, it all had to come out.
    You need to talk to your doctor first about this one, everyone is different so are doctors.

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  • I had my Boston Scientific implanted in 2015. I do not have paddles either, could you explain what mean by paddles? Now mine is in my left buttocks area and I do get some itching from time to time. They have great creams out  that work for me.

    My Stimulator has worked great for me!!! I am fortunate though because my simulation not only reaches my back but legs as well. I think during my trial they hit the perfect location. I am 57 years old went on Disability about five years ago for my Lupus and Fibromyalgia.  

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  • waltfwaltf Austin, TXPosts: 19
    @Kimberly2229 - The paddle is the type of lead, there are two types of leads (or electrodes); percutaneous (round) or paddle (flat), see image below that I quickly drew (not a copyright image!).  You can also search the web for "spinal cord stimulator lead types" to get a better picture.


    The electrode is the part that is at the other end of the wire that runs up to to the middle (thoracic) region of your back (if your stimulator is for your legs).  The paddle type lead is less subject to migration (movement) as it is sutured closer to the spine after a partial laminectomy.  Chances are if you had a partial laminectomy in the region where they placed the stimulating electrode then they used a paddle type of electrode.

    Most people these days get a round lead during the trial (inserted thru the skin, that is why it is called percutaneous, Latin per cutem "through the skin")  and then get a paddle lead for the permanent implant as it is far less likely to 'migrate' as it can be better anchored down to the ligaments near the spine with permanent stitches.

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