Post op pain L4-5 fusion Day 13

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When can a person expect some pain relief from this surgery?

I had a fusion of L4-5 with a bone graft from S1 on July 31, 2017




  • Hi Pam,

    I feel your pain.  I just had a Lumbar laminectomy at L3-4 on 7/10.  I have been in worse pain than before surgery.  I was in such pain I could not stand up and even passed out a couple of weeks ago.  They ran another MRI and finally sent me for another pain shot last week.  I have been sick from it since I got it.

    I think the answer to your question is a long time.  I talked to some other offices to get a second opinion and they won't even look at you for 6 months until everything is mostly healed.  I don't think our surgeons do a very good job for letting us know the pain we are in for.  I have just decided to lay back for a couple of months and see where it goes.

    My wife is getting a fusion I believe in the same place as yours in a couple of weeks.  She talked to a lot of people and 6 months seems to be the common answer for healing.

  • Hi Panster, sorry to hear you are still in so much pain.  That being said you are still very recent from surgery.  Some are lucky enough to have immediate relief, others take a bit longer. Did you have any nerve compression? For me that was a big issue with the nerves waking up.  And am still having issues nearly 9 months post surgery.  If you are really concerned maybe ring your Dr's rooms to share your concerns. 

    Hope you get some answers. 

    Regards Meema 

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