Is the paddle better????

I just had my St. Jude Medical implant one week ago, and find this to be a more involved process that I thought.  I understand all procedures have a period of healing before you can truly determine if it is successful.  My surgeon used the paddle, instead of the "round" leads, since it seems those have a history of "rolling" and causing problems.  However, the site where my paddle was placed on/in my spine is very uncomfortable and causing a lot of pain.  I am 7 days out of the procedure and all other surgery related pains and calming down, but not the site on my spine.  I regularly get "zapped" if I move the wrong way.  Any thoughts on this from someone in a similar situation?



  • jimandjrjimandjr Dallas TXPosts: 688

    7 days is very early in the healing process. 

  •  I also have a St. Jude SCS and needed paddle leads implanted. It took around 6 months to heal from the laminectomy. It was very painful for me. Everyone is different of course but 7 days is very early in recovery. I was prescribed extra pain meds post op and I was grateful for that. Try using ice packs if you can, and stay on your med regimen. Muscle relaxers came in really handy too. Remember not to bend, twist, or lift. Restrictions are lifted after 3 months. Take care.
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