Lumbar traction machine

has anybody had any long term positive nerve pain relief with this?

I have had three treatments so far all of which made me feel good while on the machine but as soon as I stand, walk or bend after the treatment it feels very risky like my l5 disc is about to burst. It will last a good day or so 

I have had decompression surgery in past for l5 last year and my sciatica constantly switches left - to - right 



  • Oh man, don't tell me that about traction. I'm scheduled to start PT on my lumbar and SI joint this week. The PT person already told me that I would be in a traction machine. It made me wobbly just hearing those words. 

    I've had traction before on my cspine and it worked well enough. so i dont know why I'm so nervous about this. Who says having spinal issues had to make sense anyway. Please keep us informed about what happens..

  • jimandjrjimandjr Dallas TXPosts: 688

    Not a fan. Did nothing for me. 

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  • Well last Friday was last visit as they prepared a progress report with a "no improvement" and said I basically stalled out. This is a very first for me as I generally can do everything physical. My endurance is lacking and could be showing.

    That traction felt good last time I did it on Friday. Only had 4 sessions with 2/4 hurting after.

    I have had formal therapy each year ever since 2012 with ok progress. 

  • @KeepItTogether I had 3 traction sessions and they did not make a difference so the PT advised to stop it. 

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