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Can any of these symptoms be scoliosis related?



  • LizLiz Posts: 9,654

    hello nickpea

    there are no medical professionals on this forum side of the site. therefore, no one is capable or permitted to provide any type of medical advice.

    please click on the link for useful information welcome to spine-health

  • Hi thanks for this. I understand that and have had so many tests and seen so many different specialists, that's why I just wondered if anyone gets any of these problems with scoliosis. I'd be interested to hear. Thanks 

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  • memerainboltmemerainbolt IndianaPosts: 6,443


    Please don't go by my symptoms or anyone else that has scoliosis. Everyone is different and most of us have other spinal problems as well.
    There is a discussion (look on page 4 on latest discussions) called "my scoliosis" by WLLady. She gives a very detailed story of her life and surgery with scoliosis. She is on vacation right now but if I hear from her I will have her respond to you.
    I know when mine (what I call) tweaks, my right hip will be very sore and my ribs. When it does that it is hard to take a deep breath. But it's not like that all the time. 
    You really need to go to a specialist and quit guessing what it might be. If you are like me, we can guess ourselves to death.
    Take care and keep us posted.

  • Hi thank you for your reply. I understand that we shouldn't guess what our symptoms are but I'm struggling with knowing what to do next. I've seen almost every specialist at the hospital you can think of- cardio, gastro, gynaecologist, rheumatologist, neurologist, endocrinologist, ent. Not sure what else to do? I've started seeing an osteopath and she mentioned a lot of these symptoms could be due to my back so I want to know if this is likely. I worry what else could be causing them. When you say see a specialist, who do you mean exactly? 

    My shortness of breath comes and goes as well and I get very tender ribs.

    Thank you. 

  • WLLadyWLLady Ontario CanadaPosts: 1,480

    You could be describing my 2 years prior to surgery.....

    I think you should investigate the scoli-make sure it hasnt gotten worse.


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  • Really? That's interesting. Did you get all these symptoms? The shortness of breath and palpitations are what scare and worry me the most. I have hormonal sensitivity as well so not sure how much is down to that. How are you now? Thanks for replying. 

  • hi, I agree with WWLady, should should have your scoli checked can in crease with age and having babies will also cause it to increase in some folks. it never hurts to see a doc that specializes in scoli and have it monitored throughout your life.  what it causes is different for each person cuz of factors like having it also twisted, lower or higher on the spine..your weight compared to your all make it unique to you. so plz, talk to a doc who specilzes in scoli and let know how you make out.

  • WLLadyWLLady Ontario CanadaPosts: 1,480


    Sorry, been travelling....i have been very good  since surgery...a lot less pain and my eating is better (aka too good) and my guts are working right again (i used to have a horrible time with digesting my food).  

    I saw your other post on hormones-for me they didnt play a role at all....beyond maybe having some increase in arthritis pain just before that lovely time of month. But since my hysterectomy that seems to have settled....and i dont know really if the two are related. 

    Did you decide what you will do? See a specialist or follow up with your doctor or anything? 

    My shortness of breath was because the twist in my spine froze my lower ribs as they were twisting so i couldnt expand my ribs all the way to breath. And that caused lower oxygenation that affected my heartrate-brain thought not enough oxygen so we need to go i would get periodic psvt and atrial fib. Havent had any since my surgery and also have much lower blood pressure (they think blood pressure rises can be linked to high levels of inflammation in the body too).  Everyone is best to be checked by a doctor for sure. Sorry for typos...on a phone one finger tapping away. I hope you are doing okay....let us know how you are. 

  • Hi thanks so much for your reply. It's the time of the month and the pain is slightly worse and getting more palpitations so starting to think it might be endometriosis that's moved higher up rather than the scoliosis? Unfortunately it's so hard to know for sure with both conditions. 

    I do have trouble digesting food though. My stomach is always making funny noises and I sometimes feel like it's not going down properly, with pain in my back when I swallow occasionally. I constantly need to burp after eating too! 

    The confusing thing is, I've recently started getting a specific point in my back that cracks every time I stretch it, this area is where a lot of the pain is which is worse at ovulation and menstruation. You'd think that was more muscuskeletal but who knows. 

    Were you actually diagnosed with the heart conditions? I've had all the heart tests and they've come back fine. 

    My GP is referring me but she's not sure who I need to see exactly- any suggestions? 

    Thanks again and great to hear you've improved so much. 

  • WLLadyWLLady Ontario CanadaPosts: 1,480

    I had all the heart tests and am fine too...nothing on the tests except a latent heart murmur i have had since i was a kid. Personally i would start with a scoli specialist and make sure that they understand you are having other symptoms-they will know what is probably related to the scoli and if you need to see someone else.....

    good luck!! I hope things improve soon.

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