ACDF worries

Well last post just went into cyberspace!

I am having a two level ACDF on Friday for severe herniation and cord compression at c5-6/6-7, I am so terrified it seems beyond reasonable. I have an issue with jewelry with breaking out, redness, burning. The Ortho Surgeon could not find anyone to do testing. I finally said let's just go ahead as I am declining rapidly. I wobble when I walk, I have to get up carefully, getting to where I can't drive. Both shoulders are failing me, the Bone Dr. says that it is frozen shoulder related to the myleopathy. 

My Ortho Surgeon said he uses titanium, his bio page says he uses tantalum, trabecular metal by Zimmer (spacers, and I'm not clear if it's a titanium plate or not). I could not get an answer out of his staff. I go tomorrow for pre-op stuff, I'm going to ask again. I've googled myself cross-eyed. Is this the same as titanium? Has anyone had surgery with this trabecular metal, if so how are you doing? Does it matter which metal they use? What are the odds of having a reaction? 

I don't want further issues, I don't want this surgery, my family is pushing at me, but it appears to be seriously medically necessary. I have auto-immune dysfunction as it is. I just hope this doesn't add to my issues.



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    Buttons, explain your concerns to the staff prior to your surgery! They should know or find out for you.

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    talk to him about this before surgery. if nothing else, write questions down so you don't forget.
    good luck on friday. when you feel like it please post your progress after surgery.

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