The...STRUGGLE! Me vs.Appetite!!!

Ive portioned controlled successfully..

My tum,tums has shrank

Ive lost inches..size 50 to 42 in blue jeans

Ive been why ohh why has my old nemesis.."i think about i get hungers...back"?

Goals? 34 in 501s

I know its a mind game

I wonder if its anxiety driven? Or habitually continuum.

I seem to be a,fruititarian? Loooots of watermelon and various citrus..per season.

Love me some meat,fish esp chicken and rice with italian,ranch or bleu cheeze! 

Portion control has ruint me!! Used to be 'that" guy at the buffet..was a champion scoffer..7 heaping plates..

Now,1.5 plates with plenty of real estate under showing.

My how the times have changed!

I think the second half if my life should be lighter.

Well..that made me forget about eating for a minute..only 3 hours and 40 minutes to go.

Carry on Spiney!



  • memerainboltmemerainbolt IndianaPosts: 3,399

    Yeah, William!!! That's great!
    Keep up the eating in portions!!

  • Last nite was rough..but i made it


    We are waiting to see where and when TS will hit..will it be a hurricain 

    Ill be working and the stress is activating my hunger reflex..uggh

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