After anterior fusion of C5-c7

In 2914 I had ACDF of C5-c7. Worked three jobs prior to surgery. After surgery, I had right sided problems.  Never had weakness or pain on right side.  Now the disk above is buldging. Four discs in thoracic are buldging and I have two herniated discs with nerve root compression. Plus fibromyalgia.  I turreted my work doe to reduced hours and then lost the job. I also have an immunoglobin deficiency. Low enough that I catch any sickness.  But not low enough for replacement.  I've now hit my short term policy and have applied for SSDI.  Years ago, you could have stabbed me and I would have had no pain. This is crazy and I blame my neck for it all!   Only the first few weeks when I was on decadron, after the surgery, did I feel good. Week 5, I crashed.  Never been the same since.  Very sad as, part of who I am is a nurse.  Any one have the same issue 



  • RDavidGRRDavidG Jacksonville FlPosts: 178

    RN, had the same procedure and like you lost my career as well !ended up with Psuedoarthrosis as well as left sided Radiculopathy. Past life was a Lt/ FF/ Paramedic. Hang in there!

  • joowee40joowee40 Mississippi Posts: 239

    I had same ACDF as you in Dec 2015 and I still have the same pains plus more. I feel like a train hit me almost each and every day as I hurt from neck to knee. I am being to be concerned that I have fibromyalgia and am scared to mention it to my neuro as a possibility because I don't want to hear, take some lyrica and gain 4000 lbs like it did when I tried it a while back. I'm tired of my body hurting all the time. I am still working FT but am afraid my future is going to be SSDI eventually at this rate. I also have bulging above and below my ACDF and my C4 is shifted they say so just yay..not. I just had major shoulder surgery 3 mths ago and still rehabbing from that and pray that they do not want to do neck surgery again or I am afraid I might lose my job if I tell my boss I have to have yet another major surgery. It is so depressing. I felt good for 2 wks after ACDF and then I crashed so you did better than me. :)

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  • I am so sorry you're going through this. Your situation pisses me off, but it isn't directed at you whatsoever.  I have been in torturous pain for 2 weeks with cervical radiculopathy and myelopathy, tonic and clonic spasms, lion eating bone spurs, Elephant Man facet joints, scoliosis and reversed cervical lordosis. I am going insane from the non stop pain. 

    I can't live like this! And I am on an unyeilding path to surgery that can't even offer me hope.  There are too many stories like your's.  In this day and age, the help that surgeons offer for spine problems has a ridiculous failure rate. We need new techniques. 

    It's been proven that it is a detriment to patients to have multi level fusions in areas of the spine that are designed to have mobility. It forces the spine to operate unnaturally, and this creates pressure in new areas of the spine that aren't meant for it, so this creates new degenerative changes and new pain!  To add insult to injury, there is often a mechanical fix to these methods, without reasonable benefit to aleviating the original pain. So patients end up with the old pain and some new pain too! 

    I apologize for the lack of encouragement and hope in my response. I just am overwhelmed by the nerve (no pun intended) of spine surgeons to behave as if they offering quality of life to patients. We need innovation and we deserve better care. For the love of Pete!

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