4 days post acdf c4-7

i am a few days post op. No issues or pain but today I am experiencing slight tingling in my left arm and this heat feeling. Prior to surgery the discs were pressing on my spinal cord. Has anyone had these symptoms post op? Is this normal? Thank you! 



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    hi mattsmom218

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    everybody has different symptoms and experiences after surgery, so if you have new symptoms you are worried about it is best to contact you medical team for advice.  we don't know your condition and there are no medical professional on this site.

    members are not allowed to give medical advice but they may share their experiences with you.

    you will find lots of information to research and members with many different experiences.

    i have added two links below to help you with forum use and rules

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    Mattsmom, your 4 days post OP and you'll go through quite a few symptoms during this period! Just remember, fever and or signs of infection are a definite call to the surgeon! Hang in there and follow your surgeons instructions!

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