I Had Surgery And Now Have Pain

I had a discectomy L4/L5 with decompression on Wednesday. Everything went good and the neuro said the surgery had gone very well. I was released Thursday around noon and have been home just sitting and taking it easy with some occasional very short walks. Day 2 the pain down the left leg started back up (prob after the anesthesia wore off), and it has gotten progressively worse. I feel like I am right back where I was with the sciatic-type pain. I am on Loritab for pain and steroids for inflammation and about done with the steroids. When the pain meds wear off I am bad enough where I cannot walk. BTW, I was in severe pain for probably two months and probably needed surgery that early before I succumbed to it, so the herniated disc had that much time to work against me.

I am waiting for the dr. office to open to call in. Just hoping someone on here has had a similar experience and can tell me what to expect from this point on. 



  • I think you're doing the best thing you can do.  You'll probably have to get a new MRI to see what's changed.
  • We are 14 weeks out after similar surgery. Hubby also had a facetectomy and lamiotomy. He says the pain is the same. They keep saying it can take months, he was compressed for 18 months before they finally did something. 

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  • I just got off the phone with the dr and he is prescribing vallium to relax the muscles and an MRI on Thursday when I go for my follow up. He said it was not unusual to have the pain in the hip and calf muscle, where 90% of the pain is at. 

  • After my discectomy I was instructed not to sit, just perch for meals and toilet trips.  Were you given any instructions about this?

    In fact, I couldn't have sat and certainly didn't expect to be out of pain immediately.  It is major surgery, even though done quickly and the disc can take up to 3 months to heal I was told by my surgeon.

    I was told to lay down and get up hourly to walk around, because inactivity can stiffen everything up more and cause more pain.

    I hope your team can deal with this for you and reduce your pain with medication during investigations.


  • ToddsBackAgainToddsBackAgain Massachusetts Posts: 8

    Hi Tim, i had my first L5/S1 discectomy 6 years ago. I too had pain for close to a month post op.  It takes time for the nerves to settle down after the procedure.  The MRI will certainly show anything that may have changed. Best of luck. 

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