Sports & activities after ACDF surgery???



  • 18 months post accident and surgery. Just been to see surgeon for an update. I am now healed, I am restriction-free, I can do what I like (carefully). I have no more risk of breaking my neck than anyone else who hasn't. I intend to snowboard again, ride my enduro bike again and continue to do triathlons as I've now got the bug. I wouldn't have considered doing anything like that pre-accident, but had to prove to myself that breaking my neck didn't mean sitting in a chair and being overly careful for the rest of my days and now I kind of like the challenge. Onward and upward. Good luck all.

  • I am here following my second fusion (see above for longer tale). 

    I am impatiently waiting for fusion. It’s making me nuts. 

    Surgery was great. Now just growing bone. 

    3 month visit coming up.... I was scolded for being optimistic.... expecting no winter fun and no fusion till spring.

    Cooking for holidays was a bit challenging. Bending over the couter was unpleasant. So the last thing i want to do is mess this up!!

    Maybe snow shoes on a golf course...??

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  • So, update! I am just 3 months out and I have been cleared for activities!! While the new fusion is not "fused" technically, it is totally locked in and there is no motion at the level! I almost fell over when he said that! Next follow up is at 1 year!!

    I am so very grateful. Hope is good :-)

  • I am new to the forum. I have browsed many of the topics and appreciate the great info here.

    My situation is that I have  moderate to severe cervical spinal
    canal stenosis and the plan is C56 and C67 ACDF with partial corpectomies. I am currently in a cervical collar and will have surgery in about a month. The delay is because I am a diabetic and the Dr. wants as good blood sugar control as possible.

    So my question is, what the heck am I supposed to do with myself for the next few months. I am looking for hobby/activity ideas.I am used to being VERY active, so boredom is a big problem for me.I can walk, but I have some coordination problems.

    I am sure this topic has been discussed . . .


  • KirkD2-

    At least you have a sense of what you can do in a collar now. 

    I was bored senseless. I just walked and walked and walked....

    Maybe coordination will improve if it’s from the neck?

    Best of luck. 

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  • around 22 months now........another triathlon complete, I hate running lol. Have been on my enduro bike in the forest, what a feeling. Snowboarding booked for next year. Planning on some big lake swimming too. I see breaking my neck as a reason to do more stuff, not less. Still hurts a bit, but life is pretty good.

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