Please help! How to increase the union rate of my c2 (Odontoid Fracture),Type II,Unstable?

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I decided to join Spine-health as I'm having a hard time getting responses on several forums regarding this specific c2 odontoid fracture, Type II, unstable with 4mm anterior displacement from a lateral MVC. Please share your experiences with recovering from this specific fracture and please state whether or not your odontoid fracture has healed and if not what types of treatments,e.g, c1-c2 fusion if needed? I am currently in a halo for 3 months now and I am expected to wear the "cage" till october for a total of 4 months. Upon, visiting my doctor for a follow up visit, 3 months in. I asked my surgeon what the chances are of my odontoid fusing, and he told me that there is a 90% chance of union given that I am still "young" 28 years old. And my surgeon stated that anterior cervical screw fixation along with halo will give me extra stabilization. The only cts/x rays performed are 2 weeks post-op and again x-ray at 6 weeks post-op. Follow up ct scans for halo removal are scheduled for the end of september so I have no clue as whether my fracture is healing as of right now. Due to the high rate of 30%  of non-union in odontoid fractures, I am wondering if anyone else experienced non-union of their odontoids and had to go through c1-c2 fusion. I am afraid that the odds of non-union are pretty high as I didnt following my surgeon's orders exactly. As I go insane when I'm in the house all the time and thus I have gone out shopping as much as 2x a week which might lead to inadequate immobilization of the halo. However, I have increased my calcium and magnesium intake (Bone-up supplementation) as well as collagen and protein intake. Does anyone have any suggestions on what I can do to improve my chances of union of my fracture. I am deathly scared that I will need fusion of c1-c2 at 28 years old as it will destroy my goal of PE teaching and I have always used exercise as a form of coping mechanism for my depression. Your input is higher appreciated!  



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    as david stated, the best you could be doing is following your doctor's instructions. those specific instructions are given for a reason. it will take time and patience. i would suggest, instead of going shopping, to lay back, get on this forum, and talk to people. respond to other discussions to help other members out. by doing this you will find out it will help yourself also.
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